Friend's Death Shows Cost of Iraq War –


The Death of Russian photographer Dmitry Chebotayev.

In my nightmares, the helicopters still come out of a dark sky, two black spots barely visible against the backdrop of night.

Their swirling blades grow louder until they finally touch down on earth and fall silent. They look like giant steel bugs from another planet, bulbous robots with eyes of glass coming to take away their prey: seven human beings who woke one day in Iraq not knowing they would be dead by noon.

Six American soldiers. One Russian photographer.

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PJ Dmitry Chebotayev Killed in Iraq

From PDN:

Photojournalist Dmitry Chebotayev was killed in a bombing Sunday while on assignment in Iraq, according to news reports and his agency, World Picture News. Chebotayev was traveling with U.S. forces in Diyala province when their vehicle was hit by an improvised explosive device. Six American soldiers were killed and two were wounded, according to the U.S. military. Russian news organizations identified Chebotayev as one of the casualties on Monday.


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