still terrible, but better at uncommons

birdwing_327 1.jpg

Photo by erik lunsford

These days, what’s driving me batty isn’t so much whether I win a contest or not (presently I’m ho-hum on the matter), it’s the day-to-day photography that I’m nitpicking to death while trying to grow my work and make it closer to perfect than the usual rift-raft. Take for example this feature I photographed earlier.

Check it out here.

Trade Secrets: Football players 'On the Job'


Erik Lunsford’s illustrative portraits are next in a series of features called “Trade Secrets.”

The Daunte Culpepper image, “The Office”, was produced through a combination of extensive Photoshop manipulation and physical destructive techniques. After printing, the image was subjected to being run over with a car, getting stomped on with very dirty shoes, and having mud ground into the surface. For the finishing touches, a variety of paper clips, plastic knives, box cutters, and cheese graters were used to give the print that distressed ‘feel’ before scanning it to produce the final product. It was quite humorous watching the newspaper security guards in the employee lot stare in confusion as I drove forward and reverse repeatedly to create the imprint texture.