Jared Ragland: What Has Been Will Be Again - LENSCRATCH

Projects featured this week were selected from our most recent call-for-submissions. I was able to interview each of these artists to gain further insight into the bodies of work they shared. Today, we are looking at the series What Has Been Will Be Again

Jared Ragland is a fine art and documentary photographer and former White House photo editor. His collaborative, socially-conscious art practice critically explores the identity and history of place through social science, literary, and historical research methodologies.

PhotoNOLA Prize: 3rd Place: Jared Ragland: Good Bad People

Jared Ragland's project GOOD BAD PEOPLE, a series that tells the story of Methamphetamine use on Sand Mountain, Marshall County, Alabama, received Third Place in the 2017 PhotoNOLA Review Prize (sign-ups open tomorrow!). Jared has a legacy with the PhotoN

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