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  • All Thrify States

    Link: Documenting thrift culture in all 50 states. – Slideshow – HaRVey2- Washington, DC

    It seems thrift shopping has started to appeal to a broader audience. As a photographer, journalist, and culture enthusiast, I became fascinated by not only the people that shop at thrift stores, but by the stories I see in the donated goods available at thrift stores. I see what you wear, I see where you vacation, who you vote for, what church you go to, even what 5K you ran. Each item tells us a little bit about ourselves, about our neighbors and about America.

  • All Thrifty States by Jenna Isaacson (American-Journal)

    The 37th Frame:

    All Thrifty States is a photography project aimed at documenting thrift stores in each of the 50 states. Part journalism, part art and part sociology, the project spotlights thrift culture, regional donation patterns, environmentally friendly consumption and the current state of America’s economy.

  • Getting Lost – Jenna Isaacson Pfueller

    Getting Lost – sportsshooter

    In my thirty-one years I’ve lost a lot of things. Car keys, fights with roommates, favorite pairs of socks, photo contests, both of my parents and occasionally my mind. But nothing prepared me for losing a job, especially over the phone. Especially when they knew I’d be alone to hear the news.

  • Family sues for photos of dead athlete

    From the Columbia Daily Tribune: When University of Missouri-Columbia football player Aaron O’Neal collapsed in July on Faurot Field, a Tribune photographer (Jenna Isaacson) captured the scene. Now lawyers for the O’Neal family want access to more than 600 digital photos taken shortly before the athlete’s death. Here.