WATCH: iPhone vs. DSLR Photography with Jim Richardson - PhotoShelter Blog

When it comes to cameras, National Geographic photographer Jim Richardson has been around the block. With a career spanning decades,  Jim has seen the rise and fall of various camera trends — from black and white film to kodachrome, and now the rise of th

Last Friday, we sat down with Jim to discuss the future of photography, the technological advances of mobile cameras, and the strengths and weaknesses of DSLR vs iPhone photography.

How an Old School Photographer is Kicking Your Butt on Instagram - PhotoShelter Blog

Social media is supposed to be the realm of the young, and in this realm, Instagram reigns as visual king. It’s easy to imagine skinny jean-wearing hipsters snapping filtered squares of their perfect lunches and summer skinny dipping soirees. So it might

Jim Richardson (@JimRichardsonNG) is a contributing photographer to National Geographic and has shot over 25 stories in a storied 30-year career. Although he continues to work for the magazine and pursue personal topics of interest like light pollution, Richardson has also amassed an Instagram following of over 80,000 people – outpacing the majority of his contemporaries, as well as online photo “celebrities.”