John Loengard (1934-2020)

He was one of the last myths of the golden age of photography from 1950 to 1990. He was the great director of photography for Life and an extraordinary photographer.

John Loengard Age of Silver

An entire generation of photographers has come of age since digital technology supplanted film technology in photography. For those who have never wound a roll of film through a camera or dipped their fingers in darkroom chemicals, but have nonetheless wondered about that archaic process, let me recommend the following description from photographer and former Life magazine director of photography John Loengard. It is as succinct and eloquent an account of photography’s origins and chemical past as you will ever find:

John Loengard on the role of the photo editor

Nothing is more important than the trust of photographers. Since they are not employees, but freelancers, photographers often operate from a disadvantaged position. Remember that: · You are the photographers’ advocate. No one else will be. · You are the photographers’ counselor, explaining the magazine to them and them to the magazine. · You are the final arbiter when disagreements arise with other members of the staff.