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Photo Levallois 2014 Larry Sultan & Mike Mandel – The Eye of Photography

The seventh edition of the Photo Levallois festival opened on October 10th. This year’s program featured five exhibitions at three different locations. The centerpiece is Evidence, an exhibition dedicated to the artist duo Larry Sultan and Mike Mandel. This photo series, on display at the Salons d’Honneurs at the Levallois Hôtel de Ville (although no longer), is considered a precursor to the new practice of conceptual photography.


AMERICANSUBURB X: LARRY SULTAN – "Homeland (2007-2009)"

For his latest body of work, Larry Sultan hired Mexican day laborers as actors and subjects in his photographs, which he made on the outskirts of Southern Californian suburbs. He found these illegal laborers outside a nearby strip mall where hundreds of men wait day by day to be picked up for hourly work. Sultan directed the men’s actions and gestures while drawing from his own memories of home life and interpretations of their experiences as exiles.