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lenscratch: Byron Wolfe and Mark Klett

Mark Klett and Bryon Wolfe have been collaborating on a series, Charting the Canyon, since 2007. The photographers have been re-photographing a variety of iconic views of the Grand Canyon and using digital technology to present old images in new contexts. The old images, which include paintings and drawings as well as photographs, are superimposed on new photographs—and vice versa—with provocative results.


Mark Klett – Time Studies « The PhotoBook


Mark Klett – Time Studies « The PhotoBook:

Klett has tapped into the earlier photographic processes to explore the element of time by extending the duration of his exposures. He effective uses two variations, an extended long exposure to constant capture the light and a series of intermittent exposures over an extended period of time. To me, the process is like creating some mysterious treasures, because you can not always foretell what the final results will appear like. With time and practice, you can kinda guess approximately what the resulting image might look like, but you can never tell with absolute certainty.