What it feels like to be a photographer in an age of unrest

Natalie Keyssar’s photography uncovers the impact of social and political structures on everyday lives, capturing the messiness of uncertainty.

From the US to Latin America, Natalie Keyssar’s photography uncovers the impact of social and political structures on everyday lives – capturing the violence of inequality and the messiness of uncertainty.

Black Box Creative Combine Photo and Design for World-Class Storytelling

Written by Laurence Cornet, Edited by Soraya Ferdman

Freelance photojournalists Chris Gregory, Natalie Keyssar, and Jake Naughton cover Puerto Rico, Venezuela and LGBT issues respectively. But after spending the majority of their careers working alone, the three decided to join forces with designer Alejandro Torres Viera to create a new collaborative method of documenting and disseminating visual stories

Dilley, Tex., Home to the Nation's Largest Immigration Detention Center

A group of photographers takes a deep look at the lives of people both inside and outside of the nation’s largest immigrant detention center.

Black Box — Christopher Gregory, Natalie Keyssar, Alejandro Torres Viera and me — is a creative cooperative that seeks to find new ways of making and presenting documentary photography. Rather than working alone, we worked as a unit, building off one another’s strengths and together developing the project at each step along the way.

Juxtapoz Magazine – The work of Natalie Keyssar

Natalie Keyssar is a freelance photojournalist and Story Contributor at Institute for Artist Management. She was raised in North Carolina but has called New York home for a pretty long time. She studied painting in college before pursuing photography, which allows her to combine her love of image making with her fascination with history in the making

'Flowers for Michael Brown' Documents the Aftermath of the Shooting in Ferguson - Feature Shoot

Karen Hill, 56, of Ferguson. A group of children dance and play during a protest on West Florissant Avenue by a truck, blasting music, with on a sign on it…

With media and reporters flooding Ferguson’s neighborhoods, photographer Natalie Keyssar was witness to the events that took place while on assignment for The Wall Street Journal. She spoke with us about her on-the-ground experience, the people that she met and the stories that stayed with her long after she left