Peter Yang and Steven Alan discuss photography with Mark Seliger - A Photo Editor

Last Friday night a show called Blog Re-Blog featuring work by 200 contemporary photographers opened at Signal Gallery in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Its two curators, Max Marshall and Paul Paper, each chose 100 photographers, then drew names from a hat—must have been a large hat, a sombrero maybe—to pair the artists on their lists randomly. Each photographer was invited to choose an image from their partner’s portfolio, and the images were projected in tandem on one enormous wall of the gallery.

Peter Yang speaks at Luminance 2012 - A Photo Editor

Honest and entertaining talk given by Peter Yang at the Photoshelter event this fall. 26 minutes of your time well spent.

Vice photographer Robert King apparently lied on his Facebook page and Twitter in order to protect McAfee. Like McAfee, he claimed that the geodata in the photo had been manipulated to conceal their true location. This explanation, of course, made no damn sense at all. If McAfee and King were trying to conceal their location by spreading disinformation, why immediately admit to it?

This Just In: Luminance 2012 Speaker Videos - PhotoShelter Blog

If you haven’t noticed, we’re surrounded by photography. We not only consume copious amounts of photography through social media and everywhere else online, but we’re just as likely to create photos on a daily basis – whether it’s with our DSLRs or phones

From the most decorated of photographers (David Burnett, Zack Arais, Peter Yang), to the technologists who are redefining how photos are captured (leaders from 20×200, Lytro, Facebook Photos), Luminance provided a tremendous amount of thought provoking material, which we are excited to share with you with our Luminance 2012 Speaker Videos

Peter Yang: A Powerhouse of Portraits :: Photocritic photography blog


A regular contributor to Rolling Stone, Wired, and ESPN Magazine, young photographer Peter Yang emerged out of the Austin journalism world and hit the ground running full-force with his masterfully lit, intimate portraits of political figures, actors, rock stars and cowboys.

Check it out here.

On Assignment: Peter Yang Shoots Admiral William Fallon

Imagine this:

You have all of 25 minutes to shoot Admiral William J. “Fox” Fallon for an Esquire Magazine feature story. They need a portrait that conveys intensity, but you will be shooting in a typical office setting.

Check it out here.