essay on a sustainable ecovillage called Dancing Rabbit in rural northeastern Missouri. The community consists of a little bit more than 50 visitors (who stay for 3 weeks), residents (on their way to membership), and full time members. They grow a lot of their own food. They build their own houses from renewable and reclaimed building materials. They are fully off the grid: using only solar and wind power. It is a very tight-knit community of people just trying to build a true community that is ecologically and socially responsible and conscientious

NPPA: Best of Photojournalism 2009 – Enterprise Picture Story (smaller markets)

Ramin Rahimian/Freelance-


In the early morning of October 20, 2006, six days before his 21st birthday, the Humvee Iraqi translator Diyar al-Bayati was riding in during a routine patrol came under attack by a roadside bomb and an ambush.

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Seeing Red in Venezuela

Ramin Rahimian, Digital Journalist:

Being a citizen and a journalist from the U.S. worked in my favor and against me. In a busy deli in downtown Caracas, close to the capitol – a heavily Chavista area – I was approached by a middle-aged man wearing the party’s traditional red T-shirt. He was belligerent and seemed drunk. He got in my face in this crowded deli and pulled at his shirt, telling me that I’m the devil and that this was his country. He was unrelenting. All I could do was agree with him, “Yes, I know, I’m the devil. I know.” Anything so that he would not knock me out.

Photographing, or should I say street shooting, in that neighborhood was very difficult for me. It is a Chávez stronghold. I had heard countless horror stories from other shooters of theft, knife attacks, and general harassment and distaste for foreign journalists. It was tough not to shoot; I felt like I missed out on showing the downtown environment in my own way.