The fifty years of Gamma – The Eye of Photography

In December 1966, four photographers, Hubert Henrotte, Raymond Depardon, Hugues Vassal, Léonard de Raemyand an agent, Jean Monteux, ready for a new adventure decided to launch  a photographers’ agency where everyone worked on a 50-50 basis . The photographers, shareholders or colleagues shared half of the income from the sales of their reporting and half of the costs of production. Five months later, Gilles Caron joined the young staff.

Raymond Depardon's Inside Look at Italian Insane Asylums Before Their Demise - Feature Shoot

The ways in which society at large deals with the afflicted is often horrifying, with stories of terrible treatment not yet relegated to the past. Paris-based, Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Raymond Depardon's Manicomio (lunatic asylum) is an arresti

Paris-based, Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Raymond Depardon‘s Manicomio (lunatic asylum) is an arresting body of work depicting the inside of Italian asylums from 1977-1981 during and after the law of 1978 that closed all asylums, recently published by Steidl

5B4: Manhattan Out by Raymond Depardon

Using his Leica like a shotgun fired from chest level, the wide angle of his lens gathered information wholesale as he navigated the crowds attempting to work without notice. Usually zeroing in on one or two subjects within his direct path, the photos also collected information on the periphery that often prove more interesting and unexpected.

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Raymond Depardon – Magnum Photos


Quote: “The photographer is filled with doubt. Nothing will soothe him.”

Raymond Depardon joined Magnum Photos in 1978 and became a full Member in 1979.

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Today's Pictures: Invasion, Occupation, and Civil War: Afghanistan

PAR10169 1.jpg

© Raymond Depardon / Magnum Photos

This weekend in 1989, the Soviet Union withdrew its last troops from Afghanistan after having occupied the country since 1979 with much resistance from the mujahideen. Civil war, refugee crises, and Taliban rule followed, then the United States struck the Taliban in response to the Sept. 11 attacks. Magnum presents a short history of Afghanistan in pictures.

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