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  • The Face: Robert Knoth | The Australian


    DUTCH photographer Robert Knoth describes himself as a sissy, then laughs. If Knoth is a sissy, he is not the sort of sissy most of us would recognise. His travel resume is a catalogue of the bleakest, most dangerous places on earth: Afghanistan, Angola, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Tajikistan, to name a few. It seems he is drawn back time and again to suchplaces to document the suffering of theforgotten.

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  • Nuclear Nightmares

    From PixelPress: Photographer Robert Knoth and reporter Antoinette de Jong have documented the impact of nuclear radiation in these four regions since Spring 1999. A book of their work, Certificate No. 00358/Nuclear Devastation in Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, the Urals and Siberia is to be published on April 18, 2006 Here.