Roger Frei - AEDES | LensCulture

A bee hive with a lot of colourful boxes? A collection of mailboxes in a multi-family dwelling? A photograph in the tradition of serial art? Or a score, based on the model of the “synaesthetic” keyboard of Alexander Skrjabins? The first associations you

Roger Frei searches for residential communities built on a large scale – in the truest sense of the word. He is searching for a “home” in a mass residential construction that is so often perceived as anonymous. He has focused his vision on the objects of so-called residential housing functionalism as well as specimens of contemporary Swiss architecture that are considered exemplary and classics of modernism. He systematically walks from floor to floor, photographs walls in hallways at regular intervals and puts all of the photos together digitally as collages, so that they coalesce into a serial composition.