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Rosalind Solomon’s Singular Journey – Lens

Rosalind Solomon may be one of the most interesting photographers you’ve never heard of. Hers is a bold, humanistic and highly personal view of the world, deftly executed in square format using black-and-white film. Through images like “Catalín Valentine’s Lamb, Ancash, Peru, 1981,” Ms. Solomon confronts our pre-existing ideas. She challenges us with a subversion of the Madonna archetype that is simultaneously nurturing and for some, macabre.


Sunday Showcase: Rosalind Solomon

This week showcases work from Rosalind Solomon’s book, Chapalingas, which Vince Aletti describes as “the first comprehensive overview of Rosalind Solomon’s work…  a moving record of a 30-year journey of discovery by a photographer whose commitment to her own flinty, humanist vision places her, as Ingrid Sischy writes in the introduction, among an ‘endangered species.’ Organized poetically, Solomon’s book embraces her subjects with unusual warmth—a combination of candor, curiosity, concern, and almost helpless yearning.”