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Ruddy Roye on the Power of Pictures | American Photo

Ruddy Roye is a photographer who believes in busting stereotypes wide open. The self-described Instagram activist rose to prominence a few years ago while documenting the effects of Hurricane Sandy with his iPhone. Since then he has done work has for The New York Times, Time, National Geographic—often traveling to communities in turmoil in the wake of police shootings involving men and women of color.


LOOK3 2016 : Interview with Ruddy Roye – The Eye of Photography

I don’t believe that my images can live fully without their texts. In a way the texts protect the authenticity of the image. In a way the texts prevent the image from being shrouded and trapped in the ever so often stereotypes that have always followed the black image. Writing covers the nakedness of the images.


Could Crowdfunding Save Photojournalism? | American Photo

A startup called Viewfind is trying to change all that. A newly launched Kickstarter from the company is trying to raise $25,000 to produce five long-term documentary projects from Sara Naomi Lewkowicz, Ruddy Roye, Beth Nakamura, Benjamin Lowy and Matt Eich.