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The Italian photographer, Stefano Schirato, spent a full month documenting the excruciating, daily lives of workers in the east Indian mining district of Jharia. Constantly wary of sinking into one of the numerous, burning holes in the ground, he met people there who were as friendly as they were desperate: working day by day in poisonous fumes, they eke out an existence in inhumane conditions. With a Leica Q in his pack, Schirato draws an impressive sketch of a life dedicated to coal.

Stefano Schirato – Where Shall I Go?

Stefano Schirato Where Shall I Go? “I don’t think anyone will survive,” said Schiavone, repentant, in his secret testimony. “In Casal di Principe, Castel Volturno, and so on, the inhabitants are al…

My work is actually made of two strands: on one hand, the story of a land, tormented by an underworld pollution, that’s sentencing the inhabitants to death. On the other hand, my purpose is to tell the story of its inhabitants: young children who died of cancer; inconsolable but courageous mothers, who unceasingly march and protest against this massacre; ill people, daily fighting to keep alive; teenagers who lost their parents and claim a better future