NFL, Getty and AP Hit With Copyright Infringement Lawsuit | PDNPulse

Seven photographer are suing the National Football League and two image distributors–Getty Images and Associated Press (AP)–for copyright infringement over widespread use of their images in NFL ads, products and promotions without fair compensation, accor

Photographer Paul Spinelli is the lead plaintiff in the case. The other photographer plaintiffs are Paul Jasienski, David Stluka, Thomas E. Witte, David Drapkin, George Newman Lowrance and Scott Boehm.

The Visual Student » Freelance Advice: Thomas E. Witte

As more and more layoffs around the country are announced, I’ve been increasingly asked for advice on how to start out and succeed at freelancing. It’s a logical segue right out of the gate because for the most part it’s mainly editorial and they’ll be in their comfort zone before moving on to other arenas of photography.  The first thing out of my mouth every time is that you have GOT to be patient in every single facet of the business.

Thomas E. Witte on building a website for the professional photographer

From, Thomas E. Witte on building a website for the professional photographer:

If you set a pile of Lincoln Logs down in front of a 5-year-old they’ll eventually figure out how to make a house out of them. Likewise, two weeks after plopping a $900 design program in to my computer, I eventually created a rudimentary frames based site that while designed so-so, had major flaws in terms of advertising myself.