On the occasion of the publication of Yan Morvan’s new book “The Iron Age” at Serious Publishing, Sit Down Gallery presents the exhibition “Anarchy in the United Kingdom”, a selection of prints whose negatives were buried in a box named “England” since the eighties. These images are a precious and essential testimony of an era that remained in the collective memory as the golden age of British countercultures.

Photos of Parisian Bikers in the 70s

Photographer Yan Morvan was one of the first to document the disorientation of young people in the French suburbs.

In the 1970s, photographer Yan Morvan spent almost three years hanging out with Parisian bikers—documenting the rides, the binge drinking, and the fights between rival gangs. Four decades later, after having worked notably with one of the most notorious serial killers in France and having covered a number of conflicts around the world, Morvan is getting ready to publish a book about that first experience.

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“I think the very first photo I took was in 1967 at the Monaco Grand Prix. I was 13 and photographed race cars with my dad. That was the year that Lorenzo Bandini crashed and burned, and I took photos of it with my Kodak camera”

French court bans Yan Morvan's latest photobook

Yan Morvan has been documenting gangs in France's suburbs for 40 years, he's followed the Hell's Angels, Skinheads and even serial killer Guy Georges, who took him hostage in 1995 and tortured him for three weeks. This experience forced Morvan to call it

A French court has ordered photographer Yan Morvan to withdraw his photobook Gangs Story from bookstores and to pay a €5000 fine after it found that he had breached one of his subjects' right to control his own image

Yan Morvan : Gangs Story

Look at the Gangs Story, his most recent book. For the past 35 years, he has photographed the fringes of society which he finds so fascinating. Over these 279 pages and 140 photographs, you see the evolution of our society, from the white greasers of the 1970s to today’s uprooted immigrants

Yan Morvan: “Reporter de guerres”

Yan Morvan was, of course, a war correspondent. He even won the World Press Photo award in the “Spot News” category for his coverage of the war in Beirut. Not to mention the Robert Capa Gold Medal. “He’s the only one who had the nerve to take studio portraits on the frontline,” one of his colleagues and competitors told me.