B: Q & A with Ernesto Bazan

“I look at my contact sheets. A feeling of utter depression seizes me. I sense a huge loss within me. And what’s worse is that there is nothing I can do about it. I want to cry the silence of the empty room. A reminder of how difficult it is to take a damned good picture. I can only accept the verdict as a sentenced prisoner.”

2 research that will change photography forever – Kaptur

A couple of research papers were recently published, both touching on advancement in computer vision and machine learning. While research papers are a common occurrence in this field, these two are worth reviewing a bit deeper, as their implication will have a wide impact once they mature.

Quick Tip: Mike Davis on Editing Your Work for Competitions | PDNPulse

The Alexia Foundation’s call for 2018 grant applications reminds us how photographers often struggle to edit their own work. We recently asked Mike Davis, chair of the Alexia Grant competition and a professor at Syracuse University’s S.I. Newhouse School of Communications, for his advice about photo editing. Here’s what said about editing for competitions:

Andreas Gursky on the photograph that changed everything: ‘It was pure intuition’ | Art and design | The Guardian

t was 1990 and I was out driving with my family, sightseeing in and around Naples. Late in the afternoon, we came across this view over the harbour of Salerno. The sun was setting over the city so I had to hurry. I set up my tripod and my 4×5 inch camera, then took four frames. There was no time to weigh up whether it was worth it or not.

The Best Work I Saw at Photo NOLA: Part 1 | A Photo Editor

As such, I’ll show you a handful of projects today and next week, and then we’ll be back to the book reviews. I attend most of these events in the summer and fall, so this will be the end of the review stories, for a while.

Turning Down TIME’s Request for Free ‘User-Generated Content’

I recently made a video of clean-up after a mudflow and posted it on my personal Facebook page. Shortly after my posting, a news producer from TIME Magazine sent me a message asking if the video was mine and if they could use it with proper credit throughout their platforms.

The Beyond Technique Podcast with Photofocus, Episode 1 – PhotoShelter Blog

We’ve teamed up with Photofocus to bring you Beyond Technique – a podcast empowering photographers to bring their business to the next level. Check out the first episode where hosts Skip Cohen and Chamira Young dive deep into a discussion with Stacy Pearsall about the benefits of having special photography projects. Listen below or get it on iTunes.

The Zen Photographer – The Leica Camera Blog

A.B. Watson explores a philosophical approach to photography with the Leica M-System

LIFE Photo Editor Barbara ‘Bobbi’ Baker Burrows Remembered | Time

Photojournalists become celebrities by creating images that shape the way we see the world. Photo editors, away from the limelight, shape the way those images are presented. And Barbara Baker Burrows, who died of corticobasal degeneration, a rare brain disease, on Jan. 10 at 73, chose the pictures that told some of the century’s biggest stories.

A Filmmaker and Photographer’s Urgent, Personal Portraits of Harlem at Night | The New Yorker

Khalik Allah, one of the most original documentary filmmakers working today, has made only a few short films and one feature to date, “Field Niggas” (the title is derived from a remark by Malcolm X), which he put out on YouTube and Vimeo and which was released, briefly and scantly, in 2015. (He was also one of the cinematographers for Beyoncé’s “Lemonade.”) The inspiration for Allah’s movies is on view in his photo book, “Souls Against the Concrete” (University of Texas Press), a series of images that were made, like his films, at the corner of 125th Street and Lexington Avenue at night.

HuffPost, Breaking From Its Roots, Ends Unpaid Contributions – The New York Times

The decision was rooted as much in a move to declutter the site as in Ms. Polgreen’s desire to focus on quality reporting and minimize unvetted stories at a time when there is so much misinformation online.

Joel Meyerowitz’s Career Is Minihistory of Photography – The New York Times

1. Now wait a second, is this magic? Or has it all been carefully arranged with actors, lighting and special effects? The truth is more surprising: It’s neither. It’s simply a picture snapped by Joel Meyerowitz on a New York City street one day in 1975. No faces are immediately evident, just figures in camel-colored coats turned away from us, a puff of smoke with two people suspended in it. No, four people, if you count those shadows, six if you count the backs on which the shadows fall. In fact there are seven people, if we count the additional shadow in the foreground, the photographer’s — and further figures emerge as the eye adjusts to the deep background. It is a picture that just won’t sit still.

Sylvain Granjon: Genetically Modified Magic | LENSCRATCH

Long before digital darkroom, photographers had their own ways of creating magic, surrealism, and new realities with montaged photographs, sometimes in the wet darkroom, and sometimes simply with a pair of scissors and some glue. Paris photographer, Sylvain Granjon, carries that tradition on with two new series, Photography Genetically Modified and Je suis né arc en ciel. We featured Sylvain’s charming project with his daughter some years ago, Douce Amère and this new work continues in the vein of play and transformation.

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He Leaked a Photo of Rick Perry Hugging a Coal Executive. Then He Lost His Job. – The New York Times

As a photographer for the Department of Energy, Simon Edelman regularly attended meetings with Secretary Rick Perry and snapped pictures for official purposes.

Now he is out of a job and seeking whistle-blower protections after leaking photographs of Mr. Perry meeting with a major energy industry donor to President Trump.

David Gaberle, Metropolight – The Eye of Photography

David Gaberle took up photography at the age of twenty-one, having interrupted his university studies in London. He returned  to Prague, and began working as a bartender in a local jazz club. Facing the confined spaces of the city’s metro every day on the way to work, David decided to carry a camera as a distraction and realized photography allowed him to control the way he perceived his surroundings.

Farewell Bobbi Baker Burrows, death of a mythical Picture Editor – The Eye of Photography

“Bobbi,” a veteran of LIFE since the 1960s, was a rare breed: the den mother of the great LIFE photographers (from the magazine’s weekly and monthly incarnations), a curator, a book editor, a photo historian, and the daughter-in-law of the legendary war photographer Larry Burrows, who died in Laos in 1971 covering the conflict in Southeast Asia for LIFE.

The Hasselblad H6D-400C Multi Shot Captures Monster 400MP Photos

Hasselblad just announced a camera capable of 400MP photos. The new H6D-400C MS is a “Multi Shot” camera that can capture 100MP photos with single exposures or gigantic 400MP ultra-resolution photos using its Multi-Shot capture feature.