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Google Pixel 2 vs iPhone X (vs Leica Q) – PhotoShelter Blog

Last year when the Google Pixel was announced, we compared it to its closest competitor, the iPhone 7. And then for fun, we compared those images against the Leica Q since they all share a equivalent field-of-view to a full frame 28mm lens. This year, Google and Apple both announced hardware upgrades that scored top marks according to DxO, so we decided it was time to see how the Google Pixel 2 ($649) and the iPhone X ($999) compare to the Leica Q ($4250).

Sony Unveils the a7R III: 42MP, 10FPS, 15-Stop DR, 5.5-Stop IS, 4K

Inside the a7R III is a 42.4-megapixel back-illuminated full-frame Exmore R CMOS sensor. Despite its high megapixel count, the a7R III is fast with a continuous shooting speed of up to 10fps with full AF/AE tracking — this is twice as fast as the 5fps offered by the a7R II.

Nikon D850 DxOMark sensor review: the first DSLR to hit 100 points | Nikon Rumors

The introduction of the first BSI sensor in a full-frame Nikon DSLR with a super-high 45.7Mp resolution puts the Nikon D850’s image quality on par with, and often better than, medium-format cameras

Canon’s New ‘Virtual Camera’ Tech is Something Straight Out of Sci-Fi

Intel isn’t the only one working on sci-fi-style virtual camera systems for things like sporting events. Canon just announced that it’s developing a new “Free Viewpoint” virtual camera system that will let you virtually move around inside a recorded event.

The iPhone X deep-dive – Why this phone will disrupt the mobile imaging ecosystem – Kaptur

What makes the iPhone X unique isn’t its design (I am personally of the opinion that Apple’s design has been uninspired for years), or even its massively immersive 5.8″ OLED screen – it is the machine learning, depth imaging sensors and processors that set it apart and justify the phone’s $999 entry price point. The iPhone X is a groundbreaking device that gives us a window into the future of mobile imaging.

Sony Unveils the RX10 IV with Blazing Speed and a 24-600mm Lens

Inside the RX10 IV is a 1-inch 20.1-megapixel Exmor RS CMOS stacked image sensor paired with a BIONZ X image processor. The camera can do continuous shooting at a whopping 24fps with full AF/AE tracking and a buffer of 249 shots.

Nikon D850 Announced: First 45.7MP BSI Sensor, 4K Video, $3,300

“The Nikon D850 is the new benchmark in DSLR image quality, with an unprecedented combination of resolution, dynamic range, ISO and processing power,” Nikon says. “The 45.7-megapixel CMOS sensor approaches medium format-level resolution […] This is also Nikon’s first DSLR to incorporate a BSI CMOS sensor, which captures light more efficiently, resulting in a wider dynamic range and low-noise image capture.”

Here’s the First 81-Megapixel Photo by the Light L16 16-Camera Camera

The camera startup Light began shipping out the first L16 cameras to pre-order customers last month. If you want to see what the 16-camera camera can do, the company has also released a set of full-resolution photos for you to pixel peel.

Why Camera Gear Costs What It Costs

Fantastic. What you actually did is perpetuate a cycle of intellectual property theft, and put your own equipment at risk by using something that has zero accountability, or any certification, made with unknown materials, in a factory where you have no idea what the conditions are like. That’s what you did.

Proof-of-concept camera encrypts images with GPG / Boing Boing

W Aaron Waychoff, creator of the Falsom Upside-Down ⊥ “Resist” campaign, was inspired by this 2016 post; he writes, “I’ve made a proof-of-concept encrypting digital camera based on the open source, widely adoped GnuPG. This project uses public key encryption to encrypt every photo the camera takes before writing the encrypted version to memory. Of particular note, there are absolutely no UI changes over what an ordinary point-and-shoot camera provides. No extra keyboards or touch screens are needed as no passwords need be entered.”

8K When Stills & Motion Converge *Without Apologies or Qualifiers « Vincent Laforet’s Blog

The Key here is that a STILL image garnered attention at a CINEMA event …   why, well obviously it was shot on a motion camera at 8K – in this case the RED WEAPON 8K camera which is capable of capturing 36 megapixel stills in full RAW up to 60 times per second.     And when you slow down to look at the quality of this image… it kind of speaks to the future of where we all are headed.

Sony SLT Camera Found in Crashed North Korean Spy Drone

According to Reuters, South Korean authorities said that the drone had apparently crashed while flying back to North Korea after shooting photos of an advanced U.S. anti-missile battery located in South Korea.

This is the Final Design of the Light L16 52MP 16-Camera Camera

The company is saying that the Light L16 is currently sold out, and that it’s currently working on building cameras for all the existing pre-order customers who placed orders on the $1,699 camera based on the announcement alone. Pre-order shipments will begin on July 14th, 2017, and the company expects to start taking new orders sometime in late 2017.

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