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Photojournalist David Burnett has switched to Sony after 40 years with Canon! – sonyalpharumors sonyalpharumors

Photo history is a long litany of the lost and found. Reputations rise and fall; trends and tools come and go. A photographer might be the toast of the town for a time, then fall into oblivion a few short years later. William Mortensen, anyone? The opposite of Mortensen might be someone like Mike Disfarmer or Vivian Maier who bursts onto the scene from nowhere and is quickly integrated into the canon. Critical variance seems more the rule than the exception, and the pace of that variance has only increased of late as we plunge further into the end-times.


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Last week, we shared with you our most popular photo and video rentals for 2017. While that list is extremely telling to market trends and what the average consumer looks for when it comes to gear and tech, but it doesn't necessarily mean it's our favorit
We’ve partnered with Feature Shoot to bring you The Photographer’s Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide. Inside, you’ll find gift recommendations from 27 professional photographers, including Pete Souza, Amy Lombard, Yannis Davy Guibinga, Henry Do, Jody MacDonald