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Jon Willey shares his candid images from the world of the American football

Coming of Age Amid Patriotic Training – The New York Times

With that in mind, Ms. Blesener, 26, turned to exploring the myriad programs that teach patriotic values and military skills to about 400,000 American children and teenagers. Many were similar to the Russian programs, though she said there was less military training in the United States. She eventually settled on 10 programs, including Utah Patriot Camp, the Border Patrol Explorer program, Young Marines and the Junior R.O.T.C. program.

Should the Media Show Photos from School Shootings? It’s Complicated

Fundamental questions remain: What is the line between informing audiences and exploiting victims and their families? Should the media find a balance between shocking and shielding audiences? And when it comes to mass shootings – and gun violence more broadly – if outlets did include more bloody images, would it even make a difference?

As Conservatives Gather, Anger at the News Media Runs Deep – The New York Times

This annual gathering is usually a moment to hammer out what divides the fractious conservative movement. What it has revealed so far is what unites it: contempt for “#fakenews” and the journalists that the former Breitbart News writer Ben Shapiro memorably described as “advocates of leftism, masquerading as objective truth-tellers.”

Max Desfor, 104, War Photographer at Midcentury, Is Dead – The New York Times

“We came across this incredible sight,” Mr. Desfor said in 1997 for an A.P. oral history. “All of these people who are literally crawling through these broken-down girders of the bridge. They were in and out of it, on top, underneath, and just barely escaping the freezing water.”

The Rise of Fascism Captured in Photos – Feature Shoot

Photographer Espen Rasmussen has spent almost two years documenting the rise of far-right extremists not just in Germany, but all over Europe, from the Golden Dawn in Greece to neo-Nazis in Ukraine. Some, like the National Front in France and Britain First in the United Kingdom, have entered the political mainstream. Many sit in the EU Parliament, using the funds of an organization whose destruction they seek. And all draw from the memories of Europe’s fascist past, in the period between the two World Wars, seeking answers to Europe’s contemporary problems. By putting the Nazi paraphernalia of these groups so vividly on display, Rasmussen’s photographs force us to confront the reality that there are forces that want Europe to fall apart rather than pull together. It is sobering to realize how far and fast such hatred can travel.

17 Best Podcasts for Photographers – PhotoShelter Blog

Whether you’re looking to stay up-to-date on the latest gear, you need some inspiration, or you want to build a better photo business, there’s a podcast in this list for everyone on the spectrum of skill levels and interests. You’ll inevitably recognize many of the names, but there are also some you may not have heard of. All have the potential to teach and inspire and are hosted by people knowledgeable, experienced and passionate about the world of photography.

Davidson, Fosso, Women Photograph to be Honored at 2018 ICP Infinity Awards | PDNPulse

The International Center of Photography (ICP) will award Magnum photographer Bruce Davidson its Lifetime Achievement Award at this year’s Infinity Awards on April 9. ICP announced the winners of all the 2018 Infinity Awards yesterday.

Tara Wray – Too Tired for Sunshine « burn magazine

Too Tired for Sunshine is a photobook that confronts my own struggles with depression by documenting the beauty, darkness, and absurdity of everyday life. The images were made largely in my adopted home of Vermont between 2011-now. They offer a deeply personal interpretation of the Green Mountain State, juxtaposing familiar and picturesque tropes with more surreal, sometimes disquieting, subjects.

Former AP photographer Max Desfor dies at 104

Former Associated Press photographer Max Desfor, whose photo of hundreds of Korean War refugees crawling across a damaged bridge in 1950 helped win him a Pulitzer Prize, died Monday. He was 104

Journalist or Terrorist? Kashmir Photographer Is Jailed, Pending Answer – The New York Times

But the photographer, Kamran Yousuf, 21, has been stuck in jail since September — the victim, his friends and family say, of the Indian authorities’ strange and harsh definition of what a “real” journalist is.

Should the Media Publish Photos of Gun Violence? – PhotoShelter Blog

The “common sense” position rejects publication of death photos out of respect for the victim and their families, but the truth is that the media has had an uncomfortable relationship with images of violence, murder and death almost since the inception of photography.

Photographer: Beware ImageRights International

Notable American photographer Kalliope Amorphous has published a warning to other photographers who are considering protecting their copyright using ImageRights International. She accuses the company of an “egregious grab” that forces photographers to use the company’s legal services.

This Is What It’s Really Like to Photograph the Olympics – Feature Shoot

Each of these journalists has moments they’ll remember for the rest of their lives; for Campbell, it was David Wells’ perfect game at Yankee Stadium in 1998, an event he almost missed. For Garcia, it was the 2005 Liverpool win at the UEFA Champions League Final in Istanbul. He’s has photographed football (soccer) games so intense they “sent shivers up his spine and brought tears to the eyes.”

On Photo Contests: Opinions Matter… but Please, Can’t We Be Civil?

I write a version of this story every year around this time: Photo Contest result time. And every year, it’s addressing the same grousing and whining and complaints about everything from non-diversified juries to images being too newsy or not newsy enough.

Proof of Existence Is Not Proof of Ownership – Thoughts of a Bohemian

There is a dangerous movement afoot; the idea that registration of your images on the blockchain is a cheap and simple alternative to registration with the United States Copyright Office.  It is not.

Beyond and Back – The Leica Camera Blog

Jeff Johnson’s latest climbing trips to Yosemite Valley and the Sierra Mountains with the Leica M-System