The strange beauty of vintage Mexican crime photos

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On a trip to Mexico in 2010, photographer Stefan Ruiz stumbled on a sizable amount of vintage Mexican crime photos. He was perusing Mexico City’s sprawling La Lagunilla thrift market when he came across them. Something grabbed his interest and hooked him. Over the next six months he met the seller of the images and made repeated trips to the market to buy more and more, eventually amassing a large collection, which he published as a book titled, “Mexican Crime Photographs From the Archive of Stefan Ruiz” (Gost, 2015)

The unexpected life and death of Abdel-Kader Fassouk

THE KILLING of a young Libyan photojournalist named Abdel-Kader Fassouk, on July 21, 2016, in Sirte, Libya, will likely never be more than a footnote to what increasingly seems like a widespread war on journalists. Fassouk wasn’t famous, and the number of journalists killed in conflict zones is so staggering that another one seems sadly commonplace.

Turkey Cracks Down on Journalists, Its Next Target After Crushing Coup

One journalist, who was on vacation, had his home raided in the early morning by the police. Others were called in to their bosses’ offices last week and fired, with little explanation. Dozens of reporters have had their press credentials revoked.

A pro-government newspaper, meanwhile, published a list of names and photographs of journalists suspected of treachery.

Forty Five Years On…

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It’s July 23, 2016, and being a former math major I started doing the obligatory backtracking, and realized that this week is the 45th anniversary of my first TIME Magazine cover story. Forty five years. It’s not Diamond, nor Silver, and probably not even Tin. But it might be The Plastic Stuff Film Cans Were Made From. Yeah, forty five.

Jerry Atnip: The States Project: Tennessee


 When beginning this project, I elected to let go of control. I did set out with previsualized ideas of what I would be capturing, but discovered pretty quickly that it would be better, to react to things that presented themselves to me. To allow the moment and my observational skills while walking to guide the process of seeing, then recording this world. In the process, I discovered that, as suspected, it is the insignificant things in life that are significant.

Josh Ethan Johnson Shoots New York’s ‘Endangered Species’

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I like seeing photos that show the guts of the photographer getting inside someone’s personal space. It’s a vulnerable moment some photos express. It creates a tension that may or may not have resolution. The picture also needs to be articulate using maybe strong composition, a flash, natural nice light or Photoshop skills. After that, it’s all in the curation. Got to chose that one shot out of a thousand instead of posting all 50 of your favs which are maybe the same shot repeated. That’s something I have trouble with

A Photographer Disappears in Plain Sight

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Nicole Bengiveno has the rarest of skills for a photojournalist: the ability to do nothing at all. She can sit still for hours in someone’s living room, waiting for a telling moment, being fully present yet almost invisible to her subjects