Investigating What Makes a Sports Photo Excellent

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From its earliest days, still photography’s ability to freeze action has naturally complemented the fast-moving world of sports. “To play and to watch sports is to be in the moment. Still photographers are masters of moments,” says Gail Buckland, curator of the Brooklyn Museum’s exhibition Who Shot Sports: A Photographic History, 1843 to the Present. Comprising more than 230 images throughout three large galleries, the herculean survey runs through January 8, 2017. It’s accompanied by a 344-page coffee-table book from Knopf.

A firsthand account of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine

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The conflict in Ukraine comes on and off the international media spotlight, but whether there’s news about it or not, the tensions and armed fighting in the Donbas region never really cool off. Russian photographer Dmitri Beliakov’s Ukrainian Chronicles is an extensive documentation of this conflict and of the ongoing struggle that continues even after the cameras are turned off. Beliakov’s images might make you want to avert your eyes, but they are such a necessary account of how a conflict zone is more than just a news narrative, and of how terribly painful and rough war really is.

The Mystery at the Heart of Great Photographs

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Larry Sultan once said he “always thought of a great photograph as if some creature walked into my room; it’s like, how did you get here? … The more you try to control the world, the less magic you get.” Winogrand had no objection to staging things; it was just that he could never come up with anything as interesting as what was out there in the streets. But when does the staging start?

How Marie Dorigny Made Intimate Photos of Female Refugees

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In December, the French photographer Marie Dorigny arrived in Lesbos, Greece, to document the refugee crisis there. Many of the migrants, fleeing war-torn countries and landing by boat, were women and children whose needs posed special challenges to the European Union, the United Nations and various nongovernmental organizations struggling to cope

Mark Schacter – West

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The 20 images in this essay are the result of travel in western Canada and the United States over a period of six years. They are my attempt to convey a vision of “the West” – a deliberately nostalgic and anachronistic vision of a region shaped by cowboys, cattle ranches, farms, empty spaces and small towns. Though the photographs are of the present time, my intentions were rooted in the past; rooted in a world that no longer exists, even if visible signs of it remain.

Photos That Prove Punk Didn’t Die in the 80s

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Still Screaming is a traveling photography exhibition curated by Mark Beemer that documents the history of punk from the late 80s and onward. The show has already begun its run in Philadelphia at Arch Enemy Arts and will soon go on to DC, New York, LA, Detroit, Oakland, and Seattle

Lost In Transition: The Shifting Landscape of Western China

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In the past three years, Julien Chatelin has made several trips across western China photographing this transformation. With a combination of research and exploration, he spent most of his time driving through the country and seeking out these sites of change. “I was looking for these areas in development, and I would be driving and the country was a non-stop construction project,”

Bill Garrett – An Appreciation

I witnessed and was affected by the turbulence of his abrupt exit as one of 11 members of the “Futures Committee”—the “young Turks,” as we were known— commissioned to produce a “Report to the Editor.” We had been asked to provide a blueprint for the magazine in coming decades, identify weaknesses, inefficiencies, and propose solutions; in short, our mission was “to turn an elephant into a jaguar.” Garrett was fired a week after the report was published. Some of the staff blamed us.