Gamma, A story of photographers


Gamma: A story of photographers, a story of an agency, one of the best. An Éditions de la Martinère book (Gamma : Une histoire de photographes) is celebrating its 50th anniversary. It is astounding. The texts by Hubert Henrotte and Floris de Bonneville are sumptuous. Each week, L’Œil de la Photographie will publish some of the images from what was the golden era of photojournalism.

An interview with Harry Benson


Photography is the easiest thing to keep you motivated. The camera will basically do whatever you want it to do. There is a simplicity and excitement; it doesn’t have to be complicated. You can judge what’s a good picture, what’s a bad picture – don’t take anybody else’s opinion – it’s what you like.

World Press to Allow Staged, Manipulated Photos in New Contest

“This contest will not have rules limiting how images are produced,” the announcement says. “Entries can be single images or stories consisting of a series of images, and the judges will make a range of awards, with recognition for work in social documentary, personal documentary, alternative imaging, innovative presentation, amongst others, always looking for the unexpected.”

The Perils of “Creative Documentary Photography”

Eyebrows were raised in the photojournalism community yesterday when World Press Photo  – an industry stalwart – announced the creation of a new contest that would “not have rules limiting how images are produced.” The contest would allow staged and manipulated images – dubbed “creative documentary photography” – in support of contemporary storytelling.

What Inge Morath Saw: A Unique Sense of Style

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Inge Morath was not a fashion photographer. But Ms. Morath, a Magnum Photos photographer, captured — and demonstrated — a rich sense of style. Her poetic and somewhat theatrical depiction of elegance is the centerpiece of a new book, “Inge Morath: On Style,” by Justine Picardie (Abrams).

See Photographs From the 2016 Lucie Award Winners

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“Welcome to the 14th annual running of the Lucies,” said W.M. Hunt at the outset of the 2016 Lucie Awards ceremony at Carnegie Hall’s Zankel Hall on October 23. As emcee, the famed photo collector and curator brought a tone of levity to the evening. “When I turned a certain age with a zero in it, I decided to get a life,” Hunt said. “Photography gave me one.”

Simon Kossoff: The States Project: Kansas

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When Kossoff moved to Kansas City in 2008, he immediately embarked on a series of photographic road trips in an attempt to plot what he has described, as a collection of psychic coordinate points, between the American that he brought with him from England and the America which he was discovering on his explorations