CJ Clarke, Magic Party Place


“As I write, Britain’s referendum on the European Union membership looms. . . . In a recent poll readers of the Basildon Evening Echo said they would vote to leave the EU, 81% to 15%,” CJ Clarke wrote in Magic Party Place, just out from Kehrer Verlag.

Controversial Moscow Photo Exhibit Closed After Protester Thew Urine

The exhibit of nude photographs by American photographer Jock Sturges (NSFW link) is controversial, there’s no way around that. Sturges work, primarily “portraits of nude adolescents and their families,” involves following families across many years and capturing fine art nude photographs from childhood through adolescence and into adulthood. In the US, attempts have been made to ban Sturges’ books, and the FBI even raided his studio in the 1990s, although a grand jury ultimately decided not to indict him in that case

Painful But Unforgettable Portraits of Life on Skid Row

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“Get the f*ck out of the car already, because if you don’t, you’ll never forgive yourself,” photographer Suzanne Stein told herself as she passed by Jennifer’s tent on Skid Row. She’d been photographing the faces of the area since October of the previous year, but this block could be unpredictable, and she was frightened. Still, Jennifer was worth the risk.

A Year on the Campaign Trail With Donald Trump

Evan vucci ap donald trump photos 02

“I’m not there to have an opinion, I’m there to take photos,” says political photographer Evan Vucci. As a Washington-based photojournalist for the Associated Press, Vucci has spent the last 13 years in the political arena, doing his “absolute best to play it straight” in his coverage, he tells TIME.

Photokina 2016 Final Show Report

Maybe I am just getting older, but this Photokina wore me out far more than previous Photokinas. I arrived on Monday, September 19th and headed home on Saturday, September 24th. I am still trying to wrap my head around this show, but it was quite different than I anticipated. Strangely, there was a lack of excitement in the air. As expected, the Fuji X-T2 and GFX were the talk of the town; rightly so, when you consider what Fuji has accomplished this year.

Celebrating 10 Years Of Digital M Photography

A wonderful time, it’s the birthday of digital M photography. We would like to take this significant anniversary to share a small but nice selection of M photographers and their images whom influenced digital M photography with their inspiring pictures: Max Malatesta, Ram Shergill and Alex Webb.

Highlights and Trends: Unseen Photo Fair 2016

Besides what was on display, was is also worth discussing is what wasn’t in evidence. Documentary and photojournalistic work in general was largely absent but that is little surprise. What was more notable was the lack of an engagement with photography’s present form as an almost exclusively digital medium. Artists are engaging with this and the myriad issues it raises in their droves, but for the most part you wouldn’t guess it from Unseen

Winning the White House – From press prints to selfies


“While professional press photographers continue to cover every campaign stop for major media outlets like their predecessors, they are now joined by thousands of amateur photographers,” adds Susan Carlson, Assistant Curator of ICP and van Dijk’s co-curator for Winning the White House. “With the rise of smart-phone technology and the rapid rate at which images are released on social media, the 2016 campaigns are seeing an even greater demand for visual content. This provides us with a timely opportunity to explore photography’s significant role in elections. We look forward to continuing the dialogue with the Mana Contemporary incarnation of the show.”