Flickr Marketplace Is No More

As to why Marketplace is on the way out, Flickr cited “consistent feedback” from users that more worked needed to be done to improve the platform.

APAD Backyard Storytelling Grant

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We got entries from 27 different countries for the 2016 APAD Backyard Storytelling Grant, including Iran, Bangladesh & Ukraine… with issues equally as diverse as our entrants themselves. And on behalf of the judges Greg Kahn, Daniella Zalcman, and myself, we’re excited to announce our 2016 APAD Backyard Storytelling Grant recipient — Tommaso Rada. 

Looking Back: Alternative Photography in the Digital Age — Panel Discussion

This panel on Alternative Photography addresses the increased interest in analog photography in the current digital age. Many photographers, especially artists, find their vision is not well served by current digital photographic practices. Alternative, analog film based and original processes offer a diverse palette for artists who feel digital doesn’t work well with their vision and working methods. Moderated by Geoffrey Berliner with Jolene Lupo, Molly Rapp, and Daniel Estabrook.

Paris vs Shanghai, Mirrors between East and West


A priori there is nothing  common between Paris and Shanghai.  Bringing together these two different cities may seem surprising but the confrontation through images seemed particularly interesting because I worked for several years on a project called “Black Light”. It’s a series of books on iconic cities with the spirit of  a “crime thriller”.

Just 8 Years Ago….

It’s rare as a photographer you are in the position where time, space, and circumstance intersect, and that you can make a picture which reflects it all.

Lloyd Ziff, New York/Los Angeles


This two-volume publication encompasses more than 40 years of black/white and color photography. As both cities change before Ziff’s inquiring camera lens, his unique vision emerges, amused and ironic, finding beauty and surprise in daily urban life

The Bore Tides of the Qiantang River

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For hundreds of years, on the eighth month of the lunar calendar, people have gathered along the shores of China’s Qiantang River at the head of Hangzhou Bay to witness the waves of its famous bore tide. Higher-than-normal high tides push into the harbor, funneling into the river, causing a broad wave that can reach up to 30 feet high. If the waves surge over the banks, spectators can be swept up, pushed along walkways or down embankments. Below, I’ve gathered images from the past few years of the Qiantang bore tides.

Our Favorite Titles from the 2016 NY Art Book Fair

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Last Sunday marked the final day of the 11th annual NY Art Book Fair at MoMA PS1 in Long Island City, Queens, The annual event put on by the famous Chelsea book store Printed Matter is a magnet for connoisseurs and enthusiasts of art books and print work published independently by vendors from far flung corners of the globe. It is free and open to public, making it one of the most accessible events for those looking to add books and ephemera to their collections.