Filter Photo Festival 2016 – Part 3

05 Mind Meld

But pivot I will, to the last group of portfolios I saw at the Filter Festival in Chicago last month. I’ll try to gather myself to write a piece next week about the Chicago/NYC/LA triumvirate, and then we’ll be on to articles from the Medium Festival in San Diego soon enough.

Prix Bayeux 2016: The Tears of Generosity


His hand on his heart, lips trembling, Yannis Behrakis came up to receive his second award of the evening: the “Prix Photo AFD Grand Public”. Known as a good-hearted man as well as for his talent as a committed photographer, with his trophy in his hand, he announced, out of respect for the people of Bayeux, that he had donated his award money (3,000€) to Médecins sans Frontières.

Crossing the Line in Battleground America

After shooting three Trump rallies in a row, last week I was able to go to three Clinton events, one Hillary and two Bill. The lack of overlap is troubling. We’re not just having disagreements on policies: capital gains taxes, limits on carbon emissions, social security retirement age, these sort of things. Trop quaint. We’re in a situation where both candidates have completely delegitimized the other.

Sage Sohier: Americans Seen

Americans Seen cover

I was interested in creating a portrait of the contemporary American landscape with people in it. I was obsessed with making the best complex pictures that I could of people hanging out in neighborhoods and in their homes. I was thrilled when I came upon an interesting situation, and I loved the challenge of collaborating with strangers until something compelling emerged from the interaction.

Tim Tadder Interview

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Tim Tadder is an internationally acclaimed photographic artist. Most recognized for his highly inventive conceptual advertising photography Tadder has been ranked in the top 200 photographers worldwide by the prestigious Luezer Archive Magazine 8 years running. In 2015 Epson, the world leader in photographic printing technology recognized Tadder as one of the top influential photographers, producing a TV commercial and worldwide ad campaign featuring Tadder and his work.

Nancy Baron: The Good Life Goes On

Baron TGLGO Cover LS

Photographer Nancy Baron has just released her second monograph, The Good Life Goes On, published by Kehrer Verlag. It’s an apt title as the good life certainly does go in this exquisitely captured collection of photographs about life in Palm Springs

Cops Have a Database of 117M Faces. You’re Probably in It

Currently the report finds that at least a quarter of all local and state police departments have access to a facial recognition database—either their own or another agency’s—and law enforcement in more than half of all states can search against the trove of photos stored for IDs like drivers’ licenses

Alice Keating: Behind the Scenes at NatGeo Creative

NatGeo Matthieu Paley e1475295929635 900x600

With a background in photo archives and collections, Alice Keating has been with National Geographic Creative for over 20 years. The agency represents an active list of about 150 photographers, filmmakers and explorers who have existing relationships with National Geographic editorial properties. “It is such a rewarding job,” says Keating. “Of course, there are lots of challenges, but I work with the most amazing, dedicated staff you could imagine who are so passionate about the photographers and the filmmakers that they represent.”

Stacey Baker, New York Legs


When Stacey Baker spots a good pair of legs, she has to move quickly. Sometimes she races down the sidewalk to catch the woman before she slips out of sight. Sometimes she sidles up and gently introduces herself. Quickly, she persuades the stranger to pose for her by whipping her iPhone out of her pocket, showing some of the images on her @stace-a-lace Instagram account and explaining that she needs the woman to stand up against a particular wall and raise her arms above her head.

Antoine d’Agata, Atlas


Atlas brings together Antoine d’Agata’s most recent work. The exhibition is conceived as an integral part of a cinematographic and artistic project begun in 2013 with the release of the film Atlas. An installation, White Noise, based on the film, is currently on view at Labanque as part of the exhibition Dépenses (curated by Léa Bismuth). This project has also given rise to an eponymous book publication, forthcoming from Éditions Textuel in October.

Bruno V. Roels, Story of Palm Trees


Bruno is an image detector. But he’s also a thinker, a questioner. What duplication, what hierarchy? Which original and in the end: which image? The image or the idea of an image? A memory or a trace? A fixed time or just a memory carried by a draught, dislodged by his handling of the prints. A negative made to follow a flood of variations in the head of its author, but also, become photos, in the head of the ‘viewers’, by their own associations, their own strolling through their thoughts and remembered visions.

Life, Love and Honor in Newark’s Housing Projects

19 lens housing slide JQ7C superJumbo

For some, the thought of Newark’s housing projects conjure up images of crowded brick high-rises with tight hallways and dangerous, dimly lighted corners. But Akintola Hanif sees a very different scene when he photographs there — a place where children play and people love and live their lives as a large community.