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Real People Are Turning Their Accounts Into Bots On Instagram — And Cashing In

Verified accounts turning themselves into bots, millions of fake likes and comments, a dirty world of engagement trading inside Telegram groups. Welcome to the secret underbelly of Instagram.

Sinclair withdraws $25,000 donation to NPPA | Poynter

NPPA joined a chorus of critics, including the Society of Professional Journalists and the National Association of Black Journalists, who raised concerns about Sinclair’s “news promotion.”

Photographer Nicholas Nixon Crossed the Line: Former Students

Renowned photographer Nicholas Nixon has abruptly retired from his position as a professor at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design (MassArt) following allegations from multiple students that his behavior crossed the line from provocative art to inappropriate sexual harassment.

Photography is in mortal danger of losing credibility – Thoughts of a Bohemian

The stakes are high: We now experience fake photos daily. Mostly in the form of politically motivated memes, which have damaging long-lasting effects on the opinions of unsuspecting voters. Insurance companies, who rely increasingly on visuals to process claims, lose $40 Billion a year on frauds. Ebay and other “items for sales” apps repeatedly suffer from false advertising. Dating apps used malignantly with fabricated or stolen profile pics. The list goes on. The current lack of ethics is profoundly eroding our trust in photography. It is up to technology to restore it.

Martin Stavars, The One Man in a Web of Online Photo Contests

Online photo contests are a popular way for photographers to test their skills and vie for global recognition and bragging rights. But some contests are more reputable than others. A number of popular photo contests are now at the center of a growing controversy, and all indications seem to point to the fact that there may be one mysterious man behind all of them.