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Interview: Photographer David Hibbard – Words: Ramblings about photography

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I met landscape photographer David Hibbard in 2003 during one of Brigitte Carnochan’s portfolio workshops. David consistently presented beautiful prints of his quiet, contemplative coastal landscapes. I was impressed with both the images, and his meticulous craftsmanship. Eventually the conversation turned to workflow — David was shooting slide film with a Pentax 6×7 camera, scanning on an Imacon, and using either Epson or Lightjet output for prints (depending on the print size). Recently David has added a Canon 5D digital SLR to his toolset. I currently shoot with a 5D and 6×7 film as well, and David agreed to conduct an interview to talk about cameras, workflow, and his forthcoming book. The interview was conducted via IM on 3/5/2008.

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A Photo Editor – Interview with a *Big Shot* Art Buyer

Since I’ve never worked on the advertising side of this industry I called up a friend and offered her anonymity if she would speak honestly with me about that side of the business. You’ll have to trust me that this is a good source and I’ll go so far as to say, if you can imagine the biggest advertising agency in the country and the biggest “named” photographers then that’s where she’s worked and who she’s worked with.

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CANDID CAMERA :: American Way Magazine :: March 1, 2008

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It’s at this point that actor Aaron Eckhart usually comes clean. He lowers his Leica M6 camera, introduces himself, and explains what he’s up to. No, he’s not researching the role of paparazzo. He’s just engaging in his favorite pastime — street photography, something he’s done all over the world for the past seven years. Usually, when he’s recognized, he ends up posing for a picture, in exchange for his subjects’ allowing him to keep shooting. He even offers to make prints for them. “I’ve gotten some pretty good pictures this way,” Eckhart says.

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Eugene Richards On "War is Personal" – PDN

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Documentary photojournalist Eugene Richards has a long career of producing powerful projects on social issues such as drug abuse, mental illness and aging. He is now working on a project on the impact of the Iraq war titled “War is Personal.” Helped by a grant from National Geographic Magazine, he is traveling around the U.S. to work on a series of stories mainly about veterans and their families. PDN recently sat down with Richards at his home in Brooklyn, N.Y., to talk about the project.

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Behind the Lens with Martin Schoeller – – PopPhotoFebruary 2008

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This month we focus on Martin Schoeller, a world-renowned portrait photographer based in New York City. Schoeller is best known for his “Close-Up” portrait series, for which he has photographed a slew of politicians, celebrities and everyday people over the last 10 years. As an editorial portrait photographer, Schoeller’s clients include the New Yorker, GQ, and Rolling Stone, among others. He also has several commercial clients including Goldman Sachs, Nike and Citibank. Schoeller, who began his photographic career as an assistant for Annie Leibovitz, provides an intimate look into his work.

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The Santa Barbara Independent Africa’s Most Dedicated Witness

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In anticipation of his visit to UCSB on March 3rd, where he’ll show his latest work and discuss the role of journalists in the modern world, Marcus Bleasdale spent some time chatting over the phone from his home in Norway. He’d just returned from Kenya, where he said the politicians and international community should be “ashamed” for standing by “toothless” while another round of ethnic cleansing occurred.

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Q&A: Jonathan Klein On The Getty Sale


The world’s biggest photo agency announced Monday that it intends to go private, with a $2.4 billion sale to private equity firm Hellman & Friedman. (Related story.) Shortly after the announcement, PDN spoke to Getty Images CEO Jonathan Klein to learn more about the deal. Excerpts:

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John Moore, Photographer, Getty Images | Raw Take


John Moore is a finalist for Nicest Guy On the Planet competition. O.K., there is no such thing but seriously, what a super guy. Mike worked with John at the Albuquerque Tribune (The Trib’s last day of publication was Saturday, February 23, 2008) close to 20 years ago and saw then that he was one talented, sincere, considerate person who made pictures that reflected these and other endearing aspects of his personality. And so it has been as John has trotted the globe since then.
We catch up with him in Pakistan, days after World Press recognized his photographs of the assassination of Benazir Bhutto. And he just won First Place: News Picture Story and an Award of Excellence in the Pictures of the Year International competition

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A Conversation with Cara Phillips (Conscientious)

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Cara Phillips is in the process of creating a body of work on the extreme end of the beauty industry, whose work usually is invisible: The plastic/cosmetic surgery business. Since I have always been quite baffled by the general acceptance of beauty ideals that only a tiny fraction of the population can easily conform to, I asked Cara whether she’d be willing to tell me a little bit about her work and about what’s behind it, and I’m glad she agreed to it.

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Take 10 with 'chase shooter Tod Marks – Fauquier Times

When photographer Tod Marks first entered into the steeplechase arena most of the veteran media wanted to know, “Who’s the new guy?” They soon found that he was hardly new to the world of horse racing. In fact, he had covered some of the greatest flat races in the last several decades and that hands-on photography experience translated nicely into jump racing.
Marks uses his expertise as a photojournalist to get intense action images combined with great emotion at the various steeplechase venues. He travels to almost all the major National Steeplechase Association meets and his work is well-represented in the NSA yearbook and in the industry publication, the Steeplechase Times, where he has been working ever since first helping with the Sean Clancy’s book “Saratoga Days” and the Saratoga Special newspaper back in 2000.

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The F STOP » Professional Photographers Discuss Their Craft » Article Archive » Olaf Blecker

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Olaf Blecker has antennae, but don’t think that makes him special. “I think everybody has these antennas. In German you would say, menschdenken, which is the knowledge of man.” He uses his powers to take breathtaking portraits for commercial shoots for AOL and Sony, among others. His editorial work has appeared in The New York Times Magazine, Details and Wired. Countless actors and models have found themselves opposite his lens.

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The Sartorialist's Street Style – PDN



Scott Schuman, who otherwise goes by the name The Sartorialist, is something of a fashion phenomenon. Schumann is a 15-year-old veteran of the fashion industry with a background in sales and marketing in high-end women’s clothing. After closing his own showroom shortly after 9/11, he began to focus more on photography. As he writes in his blog,, “I didn’t want to become a ‘fashion photographer’ but I knew somehow that my loves of fashion and photography would eventually merge. I just never guessed that it would be in the form of a blog.”

He started his blog in 2005 and in that short period of time since then, it has attracted a loyal and absolutely fabulous fan base.

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The Raw Deal on Aperture 2 – PDNPulse


While that all changes with Aperture 2 which can read RAW files from the Nikon D3, D300, Canon 1Ds Mark III, Hasselblad H3D-II and other cameras, some photographers may already be wondering about the future. Will Aperture 2 be ready for the coming wave of digital cameras or will photographers have to wait until the next version of OS X comes out first?
We got a chance to talk to Kirk Paulsen, Apple’s senior director of Application Product Marketing, and Joe Schor, Apple’s senior product manager of Photo Applications; about this very issue. Read what they said after the jump.

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