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The Leica Experiment

Right now, the feelings are surprisingly conflicted.  The history with Leica pulls at you, yet it feels like unrequited love

The Real World: Leica Q vs Sony RX1R II

Rx1r2 leicaq

When the biggest complaint you have about a camera concerns the image quality at ISO 25,000, you know you have a first world problem. Such is the case when comparing two full-frame compacts: the Leica Q and the Sony RX1R II.

How The Leica M (Typ 262) Will Inspire Your Street Photography: Andrea Boccalini in Vienna

L1004730 rgb 500x334

“It’s a timeless city. You can feel the vibration of the stories in the city. If you go deeper, you can feel the modern side of the city as well. You get the sensation of an embedded modern lifestyle.” This is how Andrea Boccalini, the Vienna-based Italian photographer describes his experience with the Leica M (Typ 262) while photographing Vienna. He continues: “When you hold the M camera in your hands, you feel that you are using something that is part of a long story.”

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What the Sony A7rII taught me about my 42MP Leica M 240

Yes, you read it correctly. I am writing about my 42MP Leica M 240, and, yes, I know that a Leica M 240 has a 24MP sensor. The main reason I purchased my Sony A7rII was so I could use my Leica M lenses on a 42MP camera with an adapter in order to achieve very high resolution images for making extremely large prints — prints capable of going to a 6-8′ width. What I discovered in the process was that I could use by Leica M at 42MP and achieve even better results.

Some Thoughts On The Leica SL

SL product4

The key thing to understand about the SL is that it is intended to be the market’s first full-on professional 35 mm format digital camera with an electronic finder

Leica SL Initial Thoughts

Leica SL et objectifs

The inevitable comparison, like it or not, is going to be with the Sony A7RII. Even though the SL is more than twice the price of the A7RII, these appear to be natural-born competitors.

When it comes to a battle of the specs, there really isn’t one

Leica Wants to Be Sony

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Better and bigger and more most and more minimal the new SL promises to be, as well. Bigger cost, more prestige, simpler, and above all, art.

Leica S(007) First Impressions Review

S007 1

When it comes to build quality, the Leica S is a dream. It feels as if it was carved from a solid block of Unobtainium. Fit and finish are first rate, and, as with an S Class Mercedes, commensurate with its price. The Leica S(007) sells at B&H and has an announced price of $16,900.

The Leica Q Typ 116 Review: The Future of German Camera Engineering

We have a lot to discuss. So if you are looking for a summary, the Leica Q brings together the best aspects of German and Japanese engineering perfectly for the first time. I wouldn’t say the camera is for everyone and it isn’t perfect yet, but it’s the best modern autofocus camera we have seen from Leica and the best fixed lens autofocus camera on the market as of 2015.

Hands-on with the Leica Q (Type 116)

Leica Q Top S

We have to admit, we’re rather smitten with the Leica Q. It’s compact and handy, has both the aesthetics and intuitiveness of an M camera and adds (essential) modern features like auto focus and an EVF. The latter wouldn’t be worthwhile if they didn’t perform, and we’re pleased to say that they do – and rather well at that. The feel in hand and build quality, it goes without saying, is true to Leica. The camera is sublime; it’s all metal and the controls are crisp and precise. It’s nimble to shoot with the new function and zoom buttons available.

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