Magnum Blog / Larry Towell's Indecisive Moments Documentary

Initially Larry Towell wished to document the birth of a nation, following the Oslo-Agreement. Instead he ended up documenting what he would later refer to as “the World’s largest open-air prison”. In 2001 he was given a small video camera and began to maintain a video diary while working in Israel and Palastine. In his 40 minute documentary “Indecisive Moments” – which won the “Achievement in Filmmaking for a Documentary” award at the 2007 New York International Independent Film and Video Festival, also known as “the voice of indie film” – Larry Towell documents events and perspectives of those caught up in violence. The result is a highly personal documentary from the perspective of one of the world’s most acclaimed photojournalists. “Indecisive Moments” bridges the gap between artist and reporter bringing the viewer inside Towell’s highly stylized world.

Check it out here.