NPPA's Popular Monthly News Clip Contest (MNCC) Goes Digital via PDNPulse



NPPA’s Popular Monthly News Clip Contest (MNCC) Goes Digital

The National Press Photographers Association’s long-standing and popular Monthly News Clip Contest is going digital beginning with the January 2008 entries, NPPA announced today. The MNCC’s new format should be easier and faster for entrants, judges, and contest chairs alike. “Going digital makes this a better contest, and that’s the goal,” NPPA executive director Jim Straight said today. “Digital will let us run this contest ‘on time’ and in today’s digital world that’s important. As an unexpected result, it will also create more space in News Photographer magazine for more stories, photographs, and original content. The magazine is consistently listed as one of the members’ top benefits, and the MNCC contest has been an important part of News Photographer over the years, and this advancement lets us make the best of both worlds for the contest and the magazine.”



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