Rania Matar’s photographs show the relationships between mothers and daughters – The Washington Post

Perspective | Photography series explores mothers and daughters, and their relationships around the world

Rania Matar uses photography to highlight the shared human experience, particularly that of women, in both the United States and the Middle East.

via Washington Post: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/in-sight/wp/2017/12/15/rania-matar/

Through photography, Rania Matar could see that her experience growing up as a woman was very similar to that of her daughters, despite their generational and cultural differences. She grew up in Lebanon during a civil war; she was raising her children in the United States. “People are people,” she told In Sight. Whether in Massachusetts or the Middle East, women go through similar milestones in life. They have mothers, they transition from being children to young women and perhaps then become mothers themselves.