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Ashly Stohl: Days & Years

I remember a day long ago, when I was cleaning out my purse, removing such items as a rotten banana, a half eaten protein bar, wads of kleenex and a few other sticky and seen-better-days items, plus numerous happy meal toys, all co-mingled with my adult p


Making photographs about being a parent was once considered mundane and not wall worthy. Personally, I have have found the tableau of every day life, the small operatic performances and travails of co-existing and growing up to be immensely fascinating. Photographer and Peanut Press Books founder, Ashly Stohl, had been focusing her lens on her family for years, with an eye towards the poignant humor of living under the roof with three children in various stages of becoming. Her wonderful photographs are now a book, The Days are Long and the Years are Short, published by Peanut Press Books and the work is currently on exhibition at the Leica Gallery in New York until the end of June, with a book signing on June 20th from 6 -8pm.