Photographing Impeachment Proceedings Against Three Presidents | The New Yorker

Photographing Impeachment Proceedings Against Three Presidents

David Burnett, whose images from the Watergate hearings and Clinton impeachment have become iconic, will be on hand as the Senate decides the fate of Donald Trump.

via The New Yorker:

For more than half a century, David Burnett has been photographing impeachments, wars, revolutions, Olympic Games, and artists, making himself one of the stars of his field. He got his start around the time of the moon landing, when he had the idea to take pictures of the people watching that historic event. A couple of years later he was in Vietnam, where he was present when the Associated Press’s Nick Ut took a legendary photograph of a nine-year-old girl covered in napalm. Burnett gained wider renown several years later for his work in Iran during and after the Revolution. Since that time, he has shot numerous sporting events, and compiled a book about the reggae star Bob Marley.