Christian K. Lee: Cancelled Prom | LENSCRATCH

It’s not often that you get to meet a soldier who is also a photographer and a dedicated film shooter. I had the great pleasure of meeting Christian K. Lee and his work during the Annenberg/Photoville virtual portfolio reviews and much of our time was spent waxing rhapsodic about film cameras. In his free time, when he is not serving as a logistics officer in the Army, Christian’s practice considers communities in central Texas. Recently during Covid 19, he turned his camera towards high school seniors. As he states,”The pinnacle of the school year for many High School Seniors is Prom. In preparation some bought their outfits months in advance waiting for the opportunity to wear it to the highly anticipated event. Due to COVID-19 concerns the class of 2020 weren’t able to take part in it.”  He packed up his cameras and made his rounds to photograph students in their evening finest, if only for a moment and memory of what might have been.