Were the Film-Set Heists in Atlanta an Inside Job? | The New Yorker

Were the Film-Set Heists in Atlanta an Inside Job?

Were the Film-Set Heists in Atlanta an Inside Job?

According to one tally, three million dollars’ worth of equipment was stolen during the past eighteen months, in forty-five separate incidents. “Somewhere, there’s a mole,” a studio owner said.

via The New Yorker: https://www.newyorker.com/news/us-journal/were-the-film-set-heists-in-atlanta-an-inside-job

Marc Dobiecki, the C.E.O. of Commander, a film-equipment-rental company, took note. “I could kind of smell it,” he said. “I knew we were on the list, even though we’re just a couple minutes from the local police department.” Security footage from some of the burglaries appeared to show the intruders carrying firearms. Dobiecki, a former Navy corpsman, decided to sleep on site, with a gun, for “a good chunk of last year,” he said. “I invested in body armor, too, and general-protection things, to be ready for a firefight.” He added, “I had all the lights rigged where they couldn’t turn them on. I was in control of the playing field if they came in. I knew the territory.” One night, in mid-August, he wasn’t there, and thieves took a client’s monitor that was worth about five thousand dollars. “I had to pay for that the next day,” he said.

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