The Little Paper with an Outsized Visual Impact | The New Yorker

The Little Paper with an Outsized Visual Impact

Over fourteen issues between 1968 and 1971, the downtown broadsheet “Newspaper” recruited a stunning list of contributors to chronicle the times in pictures.

via The New Yorker:

Newspaper, published out of an East Village apartment between 1968 and 1971, was one of a number of scrappy print publications circulating downtown in those years. Most of them were more radical, less serious, or far sexier alternatives to the established Village Voice. Unlike Rat, the East Village Other, or Screw, though, Newspaper’s news involved no words, only pictures. Other than an all-caps logo, the only type was tiny and used for the occasional caption or credit; an early issue included the easily overlooked information that five dollars, addressed to Steve Lawrence at 188 Second Avenue, would get you five bi-monthly issues.