15 Kopeks Amazing: a virtual look inside Moscow's Soviet Arcade Games Museum

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15 Kopeks Amazing: a virtual look inside Moscow’s Soviet Arcade Games Museum | Offworld:

This started to make the rounds a few weeks back, but hasn’t gathered nearly as much attention as it should, for as outstandingly wicked as it is: you may have originally heard of Moscow State Technical University ‘Soviet Arcade Games Museum’ from an April 2009 Edge article that told the story quite well, but was accompanied by painfully tiny images.
But now, of all people, Art Lebedev’s design studio — the same creators as the OLED-driven Optimus Maximus keyboard [the same as was featured on, of all things, a 2007 cover of Edge] — has given the museum a full website makeover, complete with a growing collection of its games recreated and playable online.