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Punk – Anti-Flag releases third song from their upcoming major label album, “For Blood and Empire” (I’ve heard the album, it ain’t bad. Listen to the song The Press Corpse to hear Anti-Flag at their best.) Punk – FatWreckChords new podcast Photography – Getty Images editorial photography grants to Andrew Testa and Kristen Ashburn (portfolios) Gaming – Wired interview with David Jaffe CBC – Pets dumped in Moscow’s “Forest of Death” Wash Post video – AP video of Bush receiving warnings of Katrina NYT – Taliban still menacing Afghan south, have closed down 200 schools, by Carlotta Gall Photography – USA Today photographer Robert Hanashiro on Torino Photography – Photographer Brad Mangin: Spring Training ‘Death March’ Photography – Darrell Miho on the LPGA credential controversy

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  1. “I didn’t finish it, because I never finish games, but I haven’t stopped playing it.”
    My money i
    Maybe because games all end with some lame “big boss” finale? How could that comment go unquestioned by the interviewer? Or by Jaffe himself?

    “Guitar Hero” must have a big boss too, yeah? Perfect chance for Christopher Guest to finally get into an industry that pays well.

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