william albert allard

great piece on david alan harvey’s blog, talking about William Albert Allard. Allard is a pure photographer. I first saw him speak in 1989 and I could probably recite several choice Allard quotes from memory eighteen years later.

A great read:

the first words i ever heard out of william albert allard’s mouth were “why didn’t this guy win?” he stomped across the room, grabbed one of my b&w 16×20 prints and held it up for all to see…”___dammit , this guy shoulda won!!”…..we were in minneapolis , allard’s hometown, for a “College Photographer of the Year” contest sponsored by the NPPA…

i was in grad school at the Universtiy of Missouri and i had been previously judged as “second place” in this nationwide contest….allard did not think i was judged fairly….and allard always speaks out…always..