What Garry Winogrand Saw in Color | The New Yorker

What Garry Winogrand Saw in Color

A rarely seen body of Winogrand’s work is more inviting than his black-and-white pictures, but no less layered or sly.

via The New Yorker: https://www.newyorker.com/culture/photo-booth/what-garry-winogrand-saw-in-color

His pictures look perfectly artless, the opposite of the decisive moment and the epitome of the snapshot aesthetic. Working outdoors, mostly on the urban street, Winogrand didn’t seem to frame anything, and even when his images were thronged with people, nothing much happened in them. A man lit a cigarette, a woman reached into her purse, another woman stepped into a yellow cab. “I like to work in that area where content almost overwhelms form,” he said. The result is an avid, richly detailed, virtually unfiltered descriptiveness.