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Haiti has always been a land of beauty and pain, of light and darkness. When a catastrophic earthquake hit the island on Tuesday, January 12th, the world was shaken by the magnitude of the destruction and human suffering. In this story for VII The Magazine, photographers James Nachtwey, Ron Haviv, Lynsey Addario and Benjamin Lowy provide a heart-wrenching look at this disaster and its aftermath.

Ron Haviv in Haiti – VII The Magazine

VII founding member, Ron Haviv, was one of the earliest photographers to land in Haiti after the earthquake on January 12th of this year. This video produced with telegraph21 is an insighful look at what he experienced, the destruction, loss of life and the despair of the people of Haiti.

Haiti: January 12 - by Ron Haviv — duckrabbit

“I don’t think there is any one photograph that can encompass the loss that people suffered. I think there comes...

It’s more than six weeks since a devastating earthquake hit Haiti and the continuing crisis there has well and truly slipped from the headlines – the reason why VII and video site telegraph21 have published this multimedia piece by photographer Ron Haviv, who arrived on the island 24 hours after the quake.

Ron Haviv in Haiti: “Silence and Submission” – Lens

Each time is a different experience. I usually am here due to some major force; perhaps an election, a coup, an invasion, a natural disaster. So they are all different. But here in Port-au-Prince, the feeling in the first few days was something I had never experienced before, an overwhelming power of silence and submission.

Ron Haviv: Saving film from Serbian warlord Arkan

Ron Haviv: Saving film from Serbian warlord Arkan | RESOLVE — the liveBooks photo blog:

This month we have a story from Ron Haviv about an encounter with the Serbian paramilitary leader Arkan (at right) while he was covering the Bosnian War during the 1990s. With a little smoke and mirrors, Ron saved his revealing images from confiscation and helped share the horrors of ethnic cleansing he saw with the world. Much of the work is collected in his book, Blood and Honey.

Worth a Look: “Our World At War” by the photographers of VII and the International Committee of the Red Cross

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dvafoto says:

VII and the International Committee of the Red Cross have just unveiled their globe-spanning project documenting current humanitarian crises, “Our World At War.” The work includes: Lebanon by Franco Pagetti, Afghanistan by James Nachtwey, Haiti by Ron Haviv, Caucasus by Antonin Kratochvil, Liberia by Christopher Morris, Colombia by Franco Pagetti, Philippines by James Nachtwey, and Congo by Ron Haviv.

All My Enemies by Ron Haviv


From The 37th Frame:

VII Photo has a feature about the battles between rival gangs and ethnic groups that are resulting in a movement of people and in a new formation of the old problem of gang violence.

Check it out here.