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Perpignan, Visa pour l’image festival, September 8, 2001. For a few years, a certain gloom reigns over the world of photojournalism, in seemingly continuous decline. Then, however, a group of seven photojournalists– Alexandra Boulat, Ron Haviv, Gary Knight, Antonin Kratochvil, Christopher Morris, James Nachtwey, and John Stanmeyer– announced the formation of VII, a traditional photo agency based on the global Web.

Remembering A Compassionate War Photographer

A few weeks ago the National Geographic lobby was so crowded with young schoolgirls I could barely make it to the elevators. The place was jumping with energy and I asked the ticket takers if the girls were here to see the Women of Vision photography exhi

I remembered another photographer who is no longer with us, Alexandra Boulat, who died after suffering a brain aneurysm in 2007 at the age of 45. She was a pioneer in her own right and her work belongs in the exhibit too. I miss her spirit, courage, wonderful eye and love of telling stories.

Before and Before That: Alexandra Boulat and the Iraq War Ten Year Anniversary - Reading The Pictures

Because Boulat died in 2007, I'm curious what her reaction would be to the compare-and-contrast of Baghdad now and Baghdad as we broke it.

A photograph that speaks for itself is a powerful thing. That’s the feeling I get from Alexandra Boulat’s series of photographs taken in continuous stream before, during, and after the U.S. began bombing the Iraq ten years ago yesterday

Friends And Family Remember Alexandra Boulat


VII Photo hosted an intimate and emotional gathering in New York Thursday for friends and family of Alexandra Boulat, who died Oct. 5.

Boulat, a conflict photojournalist and a founding member of VII, suffered a brain aneurysm last June while working in Gaza and never recovered. She died in Paris, where she was with her family, and many attended her funeral last year in France. Today would have been her 46th birthday.

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In her short life Alexandra Boulat photographed the innocent victims, especially the women, caught up in conflict on the front lines of the world.

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