Hard Labor in Nepal's Brick Factories

Hundreds of brick factories are scattered through part of Nepal’s Katmandu Valley, where even children toil amid clouds of red dust and the heat of kilns.

Brian Sokol was working as a guide in Nepal when he became interested in the hundreds of brick factories scattered throughout the 220-square-mile stretch of the Katmandu Valley. Millions of workers, many of them poor migrants, depend on the labor-intensive process. In the late evenings at the Kadambini Brick Factory, it’s not uncommon to find children drinking wine or lighting up a cigarette after a hard day’s work.

Blood Spilled in Kathmandu

Brian Sokol, from The Digital Journalist:

Twenty minutes later the calm broke when a volley of rocks and bottles began to rain down on police and protesters alike. Suddenly the air was again full of tear gas and I wiped feverishly at my eyes, trying to shoot frame after frame as figures darted in and out of the bitter fog. Protesters charged at the police screaming, “King Gyanendra is a thief, he stole our country,” and I found myself in a human pile, attempting to protect my cameras and body while being stampeded by the retreating security forces. When the air cleared, I found myself cut off from my friends.