A look back at Tribune photojournalist Chris Detrick’s 13-year career

After 13 years of photographing news in Utah and around the world, Chris Detrick is leaving The Salt Lake Tribune. He has won multiple awards from Pictures of the Year International and World Press Association, just to name a few. Here is a collection of

Magnum is a legendary photo agency, synonymous with globe-trotting photojournalists who have documented conflict and cultures around the world. But for a new project in collaboration with camera maker Fujifilm, a group of its photographers were tasked a simpler assignment: Interpret the theme of “home.”

Out at Home

Photographer Jean-Marc Bouju was one of the first journalists to drive into Kigali, Rwanda twenty years ago this month, upon hearing of growing ethnic unrest in the area. It was unclear what was happening at the time, and there was no way of knowing that within the next 100 days, nearly one million people would be slaughtered with machetes and farm tools in what would become known as the Rwandan genocide.

Sochi 2014

Photographer Domenico Foschi has a way of capturing the streets of Los Angeles where time stands still and small gestures and unremarkable events become cinematic.  Shot in grainy black and white, his photographs nod to their noir roots, looking at life in the shadows, away from the sunshine and avocados.  His work acknowledges that Los Angeles is a city, an urban stage for all the small dramas that take place on a daily basis.

USA vs Venezuela Volleyball | Chris Detrick

usa-venez-vball-07 1.jpg

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Detrick Wins Top Honors in Sports Shooter Newsletter Annual Contest

1962_1 1.jpeg

Chris Detrick’s photograph of a Pepperdine University basketball player gouging the eyes of an opponent, won top honors in the Sports Shooter Newsletter Annual Contest.

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My LIfe at f/22: World Super Pipe Championships


Photos by Chris Detrick

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