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Ben Smith — A Small Voice Podcast — 070 – Christopher Anderson

Christopher Anderson was born in Canada in 1970 and grew up in west Texas, USA. In 2000, on assignment for the New York Times Magazine, he boarded a small wooden boat with 44 Haitians trying to sail to America. The boat sank in the Caribbean. The photographs earned Christopher the Robert Capa Gold Medal and marked the beginning of a 10 period as a contract photographer for Newsweek Magazine and National Geographic Magazine. In 2011 he became New York Magazine’s first ever Photographer in Residence.  Christopher joined Magnum Photos in 2005, he is the author of four monographs and is currently based in Barcelona, Spain


Revisit Christopher Anderson’s Capitolio

In the wake of Hugo Chavez's death, it seems appropriate to take a look back at Christopher Anderson's Capitolio, "a cinematic journey through the shadows of Caracas, Venezuela during 'revolution.'" The book, although published four years ago, remains a relevant and poignent capturing of a vibrant city "ripping apart at the seams under the stress of popular unrest."


Worth a look: Christopher Anderson’s portraits from the RNC and DNC

Christopher Anderson’s, of Magnum and staff photographer for New York magazine, photos are always inventive and cut deep into his subject matter. His portraits from the Republican and Democratic National Conventions this week and last for New York magazine are my favorite coverage of the political conventions, and they look like no one else’s


Christopher Anderson

In this episode of Picture Perfect, VICE visits Magnum photographer Christopher Anderson at his studio in Brooklyn to talk about some of his past work and the life-changing experience of boarding a handmade boat that sank in the Caribbean. He tells us that his current project of photographing New York is part of his artistic growth and an effort to turn inward. As we follow him on assignment, Anderson explains that he’s not just focused on the task at hand, but also interested in the way his photographs build upon each other through the years.


Magnum's Christopher Anderson on QTV

My first reaction to Dutch photographer Otto Snoek’s new book, Why Not, was that Rotterdam was off my travel list. Even so, it’s immediately evident that Mr. Snoek is a master of urban street photography, and after further consideration, Rotterdam represents many contemporary urban centers that draw residents from all over the world. Snoek’s style is similar to Martin Parr, but his subject matter is more universal. He synthesizes many things at once—compassion, humor, and an acute ability to observe human behavior.