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  • Christopher Anderson Photographs With An Unashamedly Subjective Eye | iGNANT.com

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    Christopher Anderson Photographs With An Unashamedly Subjective Eye | iGNANT.com

    Though American photographer Christopher Anderson’s images cover a breathtakingly wide range of subjects, they are linked in their unique ability to position the viewer as part of the scene — allowing them to fully feel and “experience” how Anderson felt at the time of photographing.

  • Ben Smith — A Small Voice Podcast — 070 – Christopher Anderson

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    Ben Smith — A Small Voice Podcast — 070 – Christopher Anderson

    Christopher Anderson was born in Canada in 1970 and grew up in west Texas, USA. In 2000, on assignment for the New York Times Magazine, he boarded a small wooden boat with 44 Haitians trying to sail to America. The boat sank in the Caribbean. The photographs earned Christopher the Robert Capa Gold Medal and marked the beginning of a 10 period as a contract photographer for Newsweek Magazine and National Geographic Magazine. In 2011 he became New York Magazine’s first ever Photographer in Residence.  Christopher joined Magnum Photos in 2005, he is the author of four monographs and is currently based in Barcelona, Spain

  • Christopher Anderson | The Photographic Journal

  • Review: Stump by Christopher Anderson | Conscientious Photography Magazine

    CAndersonStump Review: Stump by Christopher Anderson

    It’s almost as if there is a gentleman’s agreement (remember, politics still is dominated by men): journalists report the spectacle faithfully, not attempting to subvert the game, but the slips are fair game.

  • Christopher Anderson’s Beautiful Reflection on Fathers and Fatherhood – Feature Shoot

    Anderson SON 1Christopher Anderson’s Beautiful Reflection on Fathers and Fatherhood

    It’s a well-established fact that the birth of a child changes everything. For Brooklyn-based photographer Christopher Anderson, having his son not only impacted his daily existence but radically altered the course of his career. Son, published by Kehrer Verlag, shows this shift

  • Book Review: Stump

    D20e1d0fd732127cc8b6ad931bb4e569Book Review: Stump

    Christopher Anderson’s Stump. It’s a book of faces, all of which were taken at American presidential primaries and political conventions over the previous 6 years. The pictures are, for the most part, full faces show in in extreme close up, clipped nose hairs and all. They say that politics is show business for the ugly and never was that more true than in Stump

  • Revisit Christopher Anderson’s Capitolio

    Link: Magnum Photos Blog

    In the wake of Hugo Chavez’s death, it seems appropriate to take a look back at Christopher Anderson’s Capitolio, “a cinematic journey through the shadows of Caracas, Venezuela during ‘revolution.’” The book, although published four years ago, remains a relevant and poignent capturing of a vibrant city “ripping apart at the seams under the stress of popular unrest.”

  • Interview with Christopher Anderson

    Christopher Anderson Reflection in window in Altamira from Capitolio VENEZUELA Caracas 2006
    Link: Interview with Christopher Anderson | FK

    Sometimes I get overwhelmed by the flood of imagery and not just bad imagery because there are, of course, lot of bad images. How can my images find an audience through all that noise? The only answer I can find, maybe it is about authenticity. If there is something that someone connects with, that’s because there is not just good and bad photography but because there is some authentic quality to it. It’s a picture that is distinctly mine and maybe that has some value above being classified as good or bad.

  • Worth a look: Christopher Anderson’s portraits from the RNC and DNC

    Christopheranderson nymag convention05
    Link: Worth a look: Christopher Anderson’s portraits from the RNC and DNC | dvafoto

    Christopher Anderson’s, of Magnum and staff photographer for New York magazine, photos are always inventive and cut deep into his subject matter. His portraits from the Republican and Democratic National Conventions this week and last for New York magazine are my favorite coverage of the political conventions, and they look like no one else’s

  • Christopher Anderson

    Link: Christopher Anderson | Picture Perfect | VICE

    In this episode of Picture Perfect, VICE visits Magnum photographer Christopher Anderson at his studio in Brooklyn to talk about some of his past work and the life-changing experience of boarding a handmade boat that sank in the Caribbean. He tells us that his current project of photographing New York is part of his artistic growth and an effort to turn inward. As we follow him on assignment, Anderson explains that he’s not just focused on the task at hand, but also interested in the way his photographs build upon each other through the years.

  • Sète 2012 : Christopher Anderson

    Link: Sète 2012 : Christopher Anderson | La Lettre de la Photographie

    Christopher Anderson arrived in Sete during a Saint Louis celebration evening. He immediately mingled amongst the jousters, became one of them, became a “Knight of the Tintaine”

  • INTERVIEW: “A Conversation with Christopher Anderson” (2012)


    I’ve spent the last fifteen years with the title of “War photographer”, going to the other ends of the earth, to photographs stories of other people, looking for photographic intimacy from people that I didn’t know. In Afghanistan, which could not be further away from what I grew up in, which was milk and toast Texas. My father was an evangelical preacher, and I grew up in a very conservative and religious environment. My family is not right wing, born again, or that kind of thing, but the environment, the town, the culture that I grew up in were conservative, and I became a photographer, really, to escape that. Then all of sudden you have a child, which is a crazy experience, because it is at the same time the most intimate and unique experience a person can have, and it is also the most common and universal experience a person can have. Then I was having this internal dialogue: “I’ve been going off to Afghanistan, and now I’ve come the full circle, where I’m not running away from home anymore, I want to be at my home. I want to understand myself through my family”.

  • Christopher Anderson- Return of the Staff Photographer

    a photo editor

    On Tuesday, New York Magazine announced that it had signed longtime contributor and well-known photojournalist Christopher Anderson as the weekly magazine’s first-ever “photographer-in-residence.” In a statement released to the British Journal of Photography, New York said the 41-year-old Brooklyn-based shooter would tackle a “broad array of subjects in a full range of styles, from photojournalism to portraiture to conceptual work.” Anderson will now work exclusively for New York, at least where print magazines are concerned. The odd thing, here, is that the era of the staff photographer was supposed to have ended when National Geographic gradually moved away from the practice. We called Anderson to try and make sense of the sudden turn of events.

  • Christopher Anderson signs with New York Magazine

    Dec05 11ows
    British Journal of Photography

    Magnum photographer Christopher Anderson has joined New York Magazine as its first photographer-in-residence

  • Magnum Photos addresses Libyan Secret Service photo archive controversy

    British Journal of Photography:

    Magnum Photos’ vice president Christopher Anderson has adressed the controversy arising from the distribution of Libyan Secret Service photographs via the agency’s website, BJP can report

  • LOOK3 2011: Christopher Anderson On Working Close to Home

    Christopher Anderson opened the morning program of Masters Talks today at LOOK3 Festival of the Photograph in Charlottesville, VA, in front of a packed crowd at the Paramount Theater downtown.

    Link: PDN Pulse » Blog Archive » LOOK3 2011: Christopher Anderson On Working Close to Home
  • Father, Son, Husband, War Photographer


    Christopher Anderson’s “Son” is indeed a love poem to his wife, Marion Durand (a photo editor at Newsweek); their three-year-old son, Atlas; and Mr. Anderson’s father, Lynn.

    Link: Christopher Anderson Weighs His Career as a Conflict Photographer Against His Responsibilities as a New Father – NYTimes.com
  • Interview: Magnum Photographer Publishes Photobook for iPad


    In 2009, Magnum Photographer Christopher Anderson released his beautiful photobook, Capitolio, capturing the tumultuous upheavals of Caracas, Venezuela under Hugo Chavez. Almost two years later, as first print run copies dwindle, the publishing world is a very different place. The digital age that has long since transformed music, video and media distribution and consumption is now dramatically sweeping into long form books, with media and tablet readers. The last bastion of physical media is still and was always destined to be high-quality image reproduction, embodied in the photobook. But as the march of digital overthrow prepares its final coup de grâce, Anderson asked himself what form this will take. How will audiences be consuming photobooks in the digital age? This week, he’s launching his answer to that question, with the first photobook reproduced as an iPad app. We recently interviewed Anderson on his thought process behind the book’s launch, and how he sees the future of high-end photography reproduction.

    Link: Interview: Magnum Photographer Publishes Photobook for iPad « THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS | A PRO PHOTO/VIDEO BLOG
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