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Honoring the creation of VII Photo Agency – The Eye of Photography

Perpignan, Visa pour l’image festival, September 8, 2001. For a few years, a certain gloom reigns over the world of photojournalism, in seemingly continuous decline. Then, however, a group of seven photojournalists– Alexandra Boulat, Ron Haviv, Gary Knight, Antonin Kratochvil, Christopher Morris, James Nachtwey, and John Stanmeyer– announced the formation of VII, a traditional photo agency based on the global Web.


Conversation: Christopher Morris and Jošt Franko

As a part of the VII Mentor Program, emerging photographer Jošt Franko has been mentored by VII member Christopher Morris for the past two years. In this edition of Conversations, Morris talks about what sets Franko’s work apart, Franko shares his future goals, and together they discuss the dynamics of their working relationship


Mr. President

Pivotal midterm elections in the United States are taking place on Tuesday November 2nd. President Barack Obama is under increasing pressure from the Republican Party and the Tea Party to maintain control of the U.S. Congress. We thought it would be interesting to look at an exclusive interview with Christopher Morris about the three videos he has done about the President and the difficulties he faces.


Christopher Morris, ‘Shut up, stop thinking for yourself and kneel before the almighty war photographer’s pictures’. Rafiqui., ‘Err, maybe not tonight Chris’.

The VII photographer Christopher Morris has responded to my post ‘The War Photographers biggest story: themselves‘, which I published a few days ago, and which seems to have hit a nerve. I’m posting his comment in full below as well as a response from Asim Rafiqui, who recieved The Aftermath grant in 2009.