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That kind of event can change one’s perspective, and for the photographer Cig Harvey, her brush with vehicular death in 2015 inspired her new series “You an Orchestra You a Bomb,” recently released by Schilt Publishing, which also opens as a solo exhibition at Robert Mann in New York on December 7. With its strong emphasis on evocative color and objects culled from the natural world, the project touches upon magic, mystery and fairy tales. One easily imagines Narnia just through the wardrobe door or Hogwarts awaiting at the end of the train ride. (Surprisingly, Ms. Harvey, who was born in England, has never read the Harry Potter books.)

Cig Harvey : L’art du journal intime

Cig Harvey is part of a new generation of photographers who speak of themselves through photography. Certainly, photographers have long taken pictures of their lives, but more rarely have they made their own person the central subject of their pictures

Interview with Cig Harvey: YOU Look At ME Like An EMERGENCY

Sometimes you come across work you fall in love with, work that resonates with you in such a deep way, and you begin seeing the world through the lens and point of view of a great image maker.  I have been a fan of Cig Harvey's photographs from the moment

Cig is a visual painter, creating images that shimmer with color and gesture, that have the punctuation and staccto of red berries, purple finger nails, or a diving bell.  She speaks to memory, to moments, to quiet and beauty, and never loses her connection to the natural world.  Her work is a sensory experience, where you feel what she feels when she captured the dapple of summer sunlight on skin or the splash of water that is a color only our memories seem to hold

Cig Harvey: You Look At Me Like An Emergency

Fine-art photographer Cig Harvey’s monograph You Look At Me Like An Emergency is the title of Schilt Publishing’s most recent publication. This crafted book, with its catchy red cover, fuses seventeen short vignettes written by the artist, with seventy-four vividly colored photographs, which take the viewer on a literal and visual journey into Cig Harvey’s world.