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Revisiting the Rwandan Genocide: How Churches Became Death Traps

On a summer afternoon in 1994, David Guttenfelder took a taxi from the Rwandan capital Kigali to the nearby region of Bugesera. He walked inside the Ntarama Church and began taking photographs of people who had been murdered by their neighbors


ICP’s 29th Annual Infinity Awards announced

Cornell Capa Lifetime Achievement: David Goldblatt ICP Trustees Award: Pat Schoenfeld Young Photographer: Kitra Cahana Art: Mishka Henner Publication: Cristina de Middel, “The Afronauts” Photojournalism: David Guttenfelder Applied/Fashion/Advertising: Erik Madigan Heck


New Show Celebrates Opening of A.P. Pyongyang News Bureau

David Guttenfelder is now the only Western photographer able to photograph on a regular basis there. He has used all of his extensive talents – and added a new one: acting as an unofficial diplomat between North Korea and the United States. “I represent the U.S. and the outside world to them,” he said. “But the big responsibility is representing them to the outside world through my pictures – to understand what I see, to try to be as fair as I can and to dig as deep as I can.”


Japan Earthquake: Photographing the aftermath

As the scale of the devastation became apparent, dozens of other photographers packed their bags and headed to Japan too, including Magnum Photos’ Dominic Nahr, VII Photo’s James Natchwey, Paula Bronstein of Getty Images and Associated Press’ David Guttenfelder. Panos Pictures photographer Adam Dean arrived in Tokyo just 20 hours after the earthquake hit – and was shocked by what he found. “I am working with a writer out here and between the two of us, we’ve covered earthquakes in China, Pakistan and Indonesia, cyclones in Burma and tsunamis in Thailand, India and Sri Lanka, wars in Afghanistan and Iraq as well as undercover reporting trips to North Korea and Burma,” he tells BJP. “But from a logistical point of view this has been one of the hardest assignments we’ve had to cover.”