Emil, Towards Horizon – The Eye of Photography

The Russian Emil Gataullin is a master of poetry in black and white, and of photography that recalls that of Henri Cartier-Bresson. It dances in a balance between austerity, deliberate reserve and romantic composition. His theme: the Russian village. A life far from the great decisions scandals, everything is in the light, honest and authentic. His wanderings in the small towns and villages are strolls in an unknown land, introspective walks, a return to his childhood. His photos are neither cynical nor idealist. They are only a moment in life, a declaration of love for a Russia that begins far away from Moscow. 

Russian Photos in Painterly Strokes

Emil Gataullin has developed his eye as a photographer, but you can still see the painter not far below the surface. Teresa Tomassoni explains.

Emil Gataullin has always been a painter. Photography is his passion. He has never worked on assignment. He simply shoots to learn more about his country, its people and himself.