The Rise of Fascism Captured in Photos - Feature Shoot

Germany: PEGIDA, a group of “patriotic Europeans,” stages a protest in Dresden against immigrants and Muslims. One million new refugees arrived in Germany in 2015. The following year, hate crimes…

Photographer Espen Rasmussen has spent almost two years documenting the rise of far-right extremists not just in Germany, but all over Europe, from the Golden Dawn in Greece to neo-Nazis in Ukraine. Some, like the National Front in France and Britain First in the United Kingdom, have entered the political mainstream. Many sit in the EU Parliament, using the funds of an organization whose destruction they seek. And all draw from the memories of Europe’s fascist past, in the period between the two World Wars, seeking answers to Europe’s contemporary problems. By putting the Nazi paraphernalia of these groups so vividly on display, Rasmussen’s photographs force us to confront the reality that there are forces that want Europe to fall apart rather than pull together. It is sobering to realize how far and fast such hatred can travel.

8 Norwegian Photographers You Need to Follow

Norwegian Journal of Photography's survey of documentary photography

The publishers — photographers and photo editors Rune Eraker, Laara Matsen and Espen Rasmussen — combed through close to 100 applications and submissions to arrive at its final list of eight photographers, using funding from the Fritt Ord Foundation, a non-profit devoted to freedom of expression, to produce the high-quality book.

Photojournalist and Photo Editor Espen Rasmussen on What Makes a Great Website - PhotoShelter Blog

Norway-based photojournalist Espen Rasmussen has been busy. In addition to being a photo editor for VG Helg, the weekend magazine of the biggest daily Norwegian newspaper VG, he has traveled the world documenting a vast number of humanitarian issues, from

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Norway's New Photographic Landscape

The Norwegian Journal of Photography hopes to encourage new and established photographers as they pursue projects that cross the lines between documentary and art.

Espen Rasmussen, a photographer with Panos Pictures and one of the project’s three editors, says it is “an exciting development in documentary photography in Norway,” as photographers cross lines between documentary and art, with the freedom to explore long-term projects.