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Gordon Parks’s Alternative Civil Rights Photographs

While 20 photographs were eventually published in Life, the bulk of Mr. Parks’s work from that shoot was thought to have been lost. That is, until this spring, when the Gordon Parks Foundation discovered more than 70 color transparencies at the bottom of an old storage box, wrapped in paper and masking tape and marked, “Segregation Series.”


Empathetic Portraits of a Segregated Nation

And now we get to sample the result in a gem of a book, “Fields of Vision: The Photographs of Gordon Parks,” just published by the Library of Congress and the Giles publishing house. It presents 50 of Mr. Parks’s F.S.A. photos from the library’s holdings. The editor, Amy Pastan, has found many fine photographs that have rarely been seen.


Tribute to Gordon Parks

From The Digital Journalist, a series of remembrances and photo galleries on the late photographer Gordon Parks:

We at The Digital Journalist want to acknowledge that with his death on March 7th of this year not only has photography lost a giant, but so too has humanity, so we offer in this issue a mix of his work and recollections from people who knew him well and loved him for it.