Arles 2017 – A Conversation between Guillaume Herbaut and Eleonore Lubna – The Eye of Photography

For this fifth edition, the Olympus Photography Conversation is changing by having only one pair instead of three “to create more in-depth work ,” explains Didier Quilain, former Olympus France-Belgium president and, today, advisor for the brand.Who is also calling for candidates, addressing the ENSP graduates of the past two years. So was born the conversation between Eleonore Lubna, 2016 ENSP graduate, and Guillaume Herbaut, who works in documentary photography for the press. Their practices crossed on a subject of predilection for the photojournalist:Ukraine, where he has been going regularly for the last fifteen years. In response to his images relating to the front, Elenore offered to bear witness to the life of the inhabitants who fled the combat zones. Below, an interview with Guillaume Herbaut on this new experience.

Photaumnales 2012 : Guillaume Herbaut

"Before me a snow-covered bridge, the bluish evening light and wolf tracks, I have spent the past two days in the forbidden zone of Chernobyl. I didn’t want to come back here. I had spent too much time here between 2009 and 2011. Four months losing myself in this forbidden place that has fascinated me since my first trip here in 2001. I am drawn toward it and repulsed at the same time..