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Trump Revolution: Immigration – British Journal of Photography

Featuring work by eight artists, and a new project from Magnum Photos, the first in a series of exhibitions at the Bronx Documentary Center examines America’s political transformation since Trump’s regressive immigration policies

Jim Goldberg: Postcards from America, Magnum Miami

Magnum Miami’s purpose is to examine the citizens of Florida around the time of the U.S. presidential election. It is part of  the Postcards from America  project where Magnum photographers have come together to work collaboratively. Previously, we’ve featured Mikhael Subotzky and Bruce Gilden’s reportage. In this next installment, Jim Goldberg discusses his participation in the project.


Jim Goldberg and the Struggle of Photographic Storytelling

Here is a photographer who is really struggling with the medium photography, trying to make it tell the story he wants to tell. To make this clear, by “struggling” I mean a very creative struggle. Maybe “wrestling” would be a better word (if a grown man could wrestle with an abstract concept): Trying to make the medium express something, by bending and twisting and augmenting it.